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30+ Super Bowl Party Food Recipes

It’s almost Super Bowl time and that means P-A-R-T-A-E!! The elements of a good Superbowl party include the 3 F’s; Friends, Fun, and Food.

During the regular season of football, we may order pizza for game day or we may have a pot of Chili or any of our game day favorites. But for Superbowl, we pull out all the stops and create a party food spread equal to Thanksgiving.

Serious football fans will only invite other serious football fans who they know won’t talk all the way through the entire game. However, if you are a fan but your team didn’t make it to the big game, then, by all means, invite those talkers over and have a good day!

Super Bowl Party Meats and Entrees

Superbowl Party Food Menu with recipes including Meats, Sides and Dessert ideas. Game Day Menu. #gameday #partyfood

We begin with a few meat/entree choices then add some delicious side dishes, dessert ideas, and of course appetizers and snacks. 

Wings and football go together like bacon and eggs. You could order some from a local restaurant for the big game but have you seen the price? I mean you can make them yourself, even better, and save a whole bunch of bucks using our delicious easy recipe!

Super Bowl Party Side Dishes

Superbowl Party Food Menu with recipes including Meats, Sides and Dessert ideas. Game Day Menu. #gameday #partyfood

Super Bowl Party Desserts

Superbowl Party food dessert ideas. Four dessert choices to make for your Superbowl party. #gameday #partyfood
Loaded Nachos on a sheet pan

Super Bowl Party Appetizers and Snacks

Football Table Decor ideas

Football Party Ideas with Decorations

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More Party Ideas:

Shop Party Supplies

Superbowl Party Food Menu with recipes including Meats, Sides and Dessert ideas. Game Day Menu. #gameday #partyfood

Crockpot Maple Beans & Franks

Easy recipe for pan fried cheesy cauliflower bites. #cauliflower

Updated January 17, 2022

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  1. So many wonderful healthy recipes. I would like to be able to sneak more cauliflower treats in the family snack try but the husband and kiddo will only eat it raw. I am enjoying the black eyed pea salsa. I grew up in the South where these are a staple in the diet. I am not the biggest fan of just eating them, but pairing them like this looks like something super yummy!

  2. The sweet potatoes recipe looks awesome!!! We usually buy the sweet potato chips at the store, but after reading your post I think we will try it. Thanks!!!!!!

  3. Yum, yum, yum!! These snacks ought to please any football watching crowd, and they’re not just full of empty calories, either! I like seeing the sweet potatoes and the cauliflower and the other veg in here. Well done!

  4. OK – I’m definately going to do this for this year’s Super Bowl! They all look great & healthy. I’m so tired of “giving in” to the temptations of all that junk food (as good as it is at the time). Thanks for the inspiration! ~Renee

    1. You wouldn’t believe how much effort I put into finding these recipes! My husband enjoyed tasting them all! We are trying to turn over a new leaf and eat more healthy.

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