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Make This Easy Family Christmas Movie Night Snack Bar

Movie Night snack bar ideas pictured
Christmas Movie Night Snack Bar

This movie night snack bar idea is going to take our annual tradition to another level of fun this year. I can’t wait to surprise all the kids with some favorite snacks on a fun concession stand I created in the dining room.

What would the holiday season be without family Christmas movie night! I shudder to think. It’s one of my favorite things we do together and it cost precious little.

The grandkids are all bigger now but still enjoy this tradition of coming to Grandma’s for a Christmas movie which warms this Grandma’s heart. We all pile up with pillows and blankets all over the living room to watch a movie no doubt we have seen countless times. Our movie night snack bar is going to make the experience even more exciting this year.

Welcome back to year 6 of our Festive Christmas Event where we team up with oodles of our talented blogging friends we admire to bring you a plethora of creative ways to celebrate your holiday season.

You will find new ideas every Monday and Wednesday between Oct. 19th through Nov. 18th. Scroll all the way down to find all the ideas linked at the end. Today we are sharing Ways To Enjoy Watching Christmas Movies.

This years Festive Christmas Ideas so far:

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Movie Night Snack Bar Ideas

I recommend simple snacks. No cooking involved. I selected snacks I knew my crew enjoys and among their all time favorites is popcorn and candy just like at the theater.

  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Flavored popcorn seasoning
  • Small snack size candy bars, not full size
  • Raisinets
  • Small bags of White cheddar popcorn
  • Small bags of Goldfish crackers
  • Canned beverages

Decorating Your Snack Bar

  • Fun serving trays and containers
  • Chalkboard Sign
  • White lights
  • Small holiday decorations
  • Table cover, I used brown paper
  • Backdrop Wall covering, I used red plastic tablecloths
Photos of sections of a

My first advise is use what you have. Don’t go out and buy anything. This is a family holiday event that we want to cost as close to nothing as possible. Our only expense should be the snacks.

A Chalkboard framed by white lights makes the perfect sign to create a little excitement. It is a simple touch to decorate you snack bar and set the mood.

Use the trays, bowls or containers you have and don’t be afraid to mix. Nostalgia is part of the fun and your serving containers will spark sweet memories.

Three tier tray filled with snacks for movie night

Self Serve Movie Night Snack Bar

Candy Buffet

Fill a tray with candy choices in small packages. Everyone is going to be excited and want to eat all the things so small packages are recommend for the candy buffet portion of the snack bar.

individual packages of candy displayed in a white tray
Movie Night Candy Buffet


There are multiple ways to go here but ultimately I opted for easy. Canned sodas in flavors my family enjoy are all lined up on a metal tray. We recycle so those cans go straight into the recycle bin and I have no glasses to wash.

You can easily chill the canned sodas prior to serving and fill the tray when it’s movie time.

Canned Coke displayed in a metal tray


Microwave popcorn is the way to go to keep it all self serve. I don’t remember where I bought those cute popcorn tubs but the kids love using them.

Microwave popcorn is tucked inside the containers and three flavors of popcorn seasoning are displayed on the wagon also.

My little red wagon joined our Christmas decorations collection last year when I used it on my hearth like this. I love that it is a versatile piece of Christmas decor.

Snacks displayed in a three tier tray
Self Serve Movie Night Snacks

More Snacks

Packaged snacks are nice to have on hand too like Goldfish crackers for the smallest children. They can hold their own little bag.

We have some folks who love that store bought white cheddar popcorn and we want everyone to feel special so into the tray it goes.

You simply cannot watch movies without Raisinets. It’s a rule, I made it up. I like to drop the Raisinets into my popcorn.

Movie night snack bar set up

Creating an easy to set up movie night snack bar is fun for the whole family. Using trays and containers you have on hand is frugal. Your only expense should be the snacks and maybe a Dollar store red tablecloth for a backdrop. Our tips and ideas will help you get started.

Hide the refills if you want to leave it up a few weeks. A great hiding spot is right next to the dish detergent under the sink!

My hubby and I create our own little Christmas Movie party for two like this one I set up for watching Christmas With The Kranks, my personal favorite.

Here are our Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies we enjoy watching every year. A top 10 most popular list is included.

Did you know?

You can go to the movie theatre and purchase their popped corn to take home with you? Yep. I advise if you choose to do it that you take your own container to sit it in as you will have popcorn all over your car if you don’t.

Please take a few moments and browse 25 More Ways to Enjoy Christmas Movies from my blogging friends below.

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  1. I think this idea is fantastic, especially because you didn’t have to go buy a bunch of decorations for it. Family casual, thoughtful and self serve. We always manage to spend one night watching Christmas movies how I wish I could have everyone all together. Your family is going to love this. Pinning

  2. Yes please to your movie snacks! “Hide the refills right next to the dish detergent under the kitchen sink” – you crack me up, Shirley! Even though we have a theatre-style popcorn maker, nothing beats freshly popped greasy movie theatre popcorn. We often pick up a bag or two to watch movies at home.

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