Make This Dollar Store Gift Elf Cam Mug Using Cricut

A set of Christmas Elf Cam Mugs displayed on a red cloth with green ornaments

Homemade Christmas gifts are always fun and this Elf Cam Mug is perfect for gift giving.

You can make a super cute and pricey-looking Elf Camera Mug gift using Cricut. I found these white mugs with red inside at my Dollar Tree and only bought two. I need to go get a few more since I have some requests now.

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Christmas seems to bring out the Cricut crafting spirit in me. I made this Paper Bag Christmas Countdown Calendar using my Cricut to make the numbers.

Our Elf theme Christmas tree needed lots of Elves diving into the tree. I found a fun wood blank at Dollar Tree and using my Cricut, made an Elf Entrance ornament to go on the tree.

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DIY Mug Supply List

You only need a couple of supplies and a couple of tools for this high-end-looking DIY Mug Gift idea.

  • Dollar store mug, mine came from Dollar Tree
  • 2 Colors of 12 x 12 Vinyl (Red & Black)

Tools Used

Front and back view of a Christmas Elf Cam Mug which is white outside and red inside. It says Merry & Bright

The Design

I selected my designs in Cricut Access. I knew I wanted the phrase ‘Merry & Bright’ in cursive which I found easily. You can create it yourself but the work has already been done for you, it just makes the project easier.

Since our Christmas decorations are in a whimsical mood this year I selected the Elf Cam for the other side. I LOVE IT so much! A really fun coffee mug has a design on both sides and that bright red color on the inside makes this gift mug even better.

Making The Design On the Cricut Maker

My Cut 1 is really Cut 2. I skipped Cut 1 because it isn’t really necessary to the design. It adds depth to the camera but isn’t really needed.

I used black vinyl for the camera. It’s perfect. You can situate your pieces anywhere on the mat. In this case, I was using a new piece of vinyl so I used the top corner.

Cuts 2 and 3 are actually on the same mat. My red vinyl was used for the Christmas Countdown Calendar I shared above so I situated these cuts further down the mat to maximize the use of the vinyl.

Merry & Bright is situated to the right of Elf Cam. There is still more space near the bottom of this 12 x 12 piece of red vinyl so I can still use it again. That is part of what makes creating gifts with your Cricut so economical.

It’s really easy to use multiple colors of vinyl for a Cricut project as you can see. I know it can be intimidating but trust yourself and you can do it too. It simply means switching out the mat between cuts.

Applying Cricut vinyl lettering to a mug

Time To Weed and Apply

My adorable project is coming together. Here is where the mirror image difference comes in. I could possibly weed quicker by cutting that section off the vinyl and weeding it as one piece by carefully pulling the backing away all at once.

However, with no mirroring, I weed each word or graphic carefully and apply it to my mug then the next word or graphic and apply.

Why I Skipped The Cricut Mirror Step

The reason I skipped the mirror step is that I didn’t have the correct cutting tool for my Cricut Maker, but that won’t stop you from making a project as you will see here. The difference comes in how you apply the finished product to your blank, which is coffee mugs for me.

Front and back view of Elf Cam Christmas Mug you can make with a Cricut

Gifting The Elf Cam Mug

Isn’t the mug adorable? Mugs make great homemade Christmas gifts. These would be great for co-workers, teachers, Pastor, friends, or anyone on your gift list who loves the whimsy of the holiday season.

Are you doing Elf on the Shelf at your house? You need this mug!

Cocoa and Candy in the Christmas mug

You can find those delicious Land O Lakes Cocoa packets on Amazon right here.

The little Chocolate Santas can be found at Dollar Tree too. They come in a package of six as well as candy canes.

Christmas Gift Elf Cam Mug filled with cocoa and  goodiesgoodies

And there you have it. Quick, simple, easy, and inexpensive DIY Gift idea for Christmas. Make these Elf Cam Mugs for a Merry & Bright gift.

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A Merry & Bright theme Christmas mug gift with cocoa and candy tucked inside
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Original date Oct.26, 2020. Updated Sept. 28, 2022

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  1. These came out so cute! And they really do look professional. I love how you’ve packed it with some goodies too. That is one of my go-to gift ideas with a handmade coaster and mug cozy. Will have to keep my eyes peeled at my local Dollar Tree for these mugs!

  2. I love your adorable holiday mugs! So cute! Now that I have figured out (FINALLY) how to use my Silhouette, I’ll have to try this! Does the vinyl stay put on its own? Can it go in the dishwasher? (I’ve only used my Silhouette to make wood slices ornaments so far!)

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