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21 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe Ideas

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Are you planning to host a Mother’s Day Brunch? It’s a simply fabulous idea because such a happy affair evokes those warm and fuzzy feelings we all enjoy. The atmosphere is pleasant and happy and the food can really double as the table decor because it is generally so colorful.

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu Ideas

A good Mother’s Day brunch menu should include; fruity foods, sweet breads, muffins of some sort, eggs of course preferably in a special recipe such as a casserole or roll up and of course some type of food served in a small Mason jar like the Peach Parfaits we have included in our collection.

Where to set up your brunch buffet

  • Sideboard in dining room
  • Counter in the kitchen
  • Center of the dining table
  • Set up a folding table

Simple Ways To Decorate Your Brunch Buffet

Use what you have on hand to add a little flair to your buffet or table. Here are a few inexpensive ways to decorate a buffet or table.

  • Use a tablecloth to cover the surface
  • No tablecloth? No problem. A cotton type blanket will work, especially if it is nostalgic
  • Scrap fabric bunched up works fine to add color to a table. Set the serving dishes among the fabric
  • Create a pedestal for a serving dish by turning over a pretty bowl and sitting the dish on the bottom of the bowl
  • Use houseplants as a centerpiece
  • Jars filled with votives make a nice addition to table decor
  • Nature provides lots of decorative pieces. Go outside and pick some flowers, cut some branches, grab some pinecones or whatever you have available in your yard
  • Long thin branches from the yard displayed in tall jars will add a natural look to your decor

Visit our Tablescapes page for more ideas

21 Mother's Day Brunch Recipe Ideas

One great way to celebrate Mother's Day is with brunch. It's the best of breakfast, lunch and desserts all rolled into one. Everything is homemade and so much of the food is pretty too.

Mother’s Day Brunch

So there ya have it, 21 scrumptious recipe ideas to give Mom a very special day. Don’t wait on Mother’s Day to do this, plan a brunch for her birthday and surprise her! Plus ya know, you can do this for Dad too! If you do it for Dad, there should be bacon involved and not inside of a casserole. Dad wants his bacon simply fried and handed to him.

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  1. These all look delicious, especially the parfait. My granny used to fix fruit pizza and I loved it. I’ll have to try some of these recipes.

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