Craft Room Makeover Week 4 Clean & Decorate

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It is Week 4 of the Craft Room Makeover Challenge and we are sharing our Clean and Decorate tips.

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From January 3rd through January 31st, 12 Plus crafty bloggers will be sorting, organizing, cleaning, and decorating their craft spaces. Each of us has a very different craft space to tackle, so chances are you will find one similar to yours. Follow along, share you suggestions and tell how you are organizing your craft space too!

Craft Room Peg Board. Small peg board craft room storage ideas. Craft Room Makeover Storage Solutions

Craft Room Makeover organizing is super fun because you get to be crafty creative like I did with my peg board. Do remember seeing that thrifted picture frame on my work table in Week Two? Here it is now being staged for storage use as a peg board frame. It isn’t quite finished yet but you will see all those final details next week for the big reveal.

Visit the first three weeks of the craft room makeover for our progress photos and tips to wrangle in your after the holidays craftermath!

The Clean Up

Part of the craft room makeover process includes giving the room a good cleaning. It sure needed that following the holidays too! I still use this Speed Cleaning Kit I shared a while back. Keeping the most often used supplies handy makes quick clean up so easy!

How To Set Up A Speed Cleaning KIt

Craft Room Cleaning Supplies

All Purpose spray cleaner is good for my work table once a project is complete. It may be necessary to use the Lint Roller or Feather Duster to remove debris from the work table before I can spray and wipe. 

Paper towels are a necessity in the craft room even when I’m not cleaning. They are often used for paint brush clean up or when I am decoupaging.

Cleaning supplies needed in the craft room. Craft room cleaning supplies. A lint roller is a handy cleaning tool in the sewing room.

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Craft Room Peg Board. Small peg board craft room storage ideas. Craft Room Makeover Storage Solutions

DIY Storage/Organization Ideas 

Craft Room Organization Supplies/Equipment

How to set up a speed cleaning kit for your home.

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  1. Shirley, I really like your repurposed picture frame. I didn’t use a pegboard in this challenge, although I like it a lot! But there is always a possibility for a redecoration, right? And you found a nice looking solution for your Sharpies horizontal storage. I’m impressed.

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