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Patriotic Repurposed Can Birdfeeder

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Our little birdies are loving their new Patriotic Repurposed Can Birdfeeder. 

 Our new birdfeeder is a repurpose project within a repurpose project! Let me explain. The can is a repurposed vegetable can, the roof is a repurposed car tag which is actually very special to me. It was the last tag on my Mother’s car.  She signed her car over to me while under Hospice care just a few days prior to going to live with Jesus.  We still have it and even drive it. Momma loved sitting on the front porch and watching the birds in the mornings. It was something we did together many times. I knew I wanted to find a way to use her car tag in a project we could get joy from . I think the roof on the birdfeeder is perfect, don’t you? I shared my story about my mother’s breast cancer journey on the blog, you can read it here.

Front of the Patriotic birdfeeder.intelligentdomestications.com


Yes, it is another Mod Podge project! Did you see my Frosted Mason Jar Patriotic Luminaries ?


  • Cut your plastic lid to fit the bottom 1/3 of the opening. This will keep the birdseed from falling out.

Cut the lid to fit the opening to prevent the seeds from falling outI won’t tell you how long that lid has been in my cabinet! It was ideal for this project because the dowel fit perfectly through that straw hole.

  • Glue the cut portion of the plastic lid to the opening and allow plenty of drying time.
  • Glue the dowel into place and allow plenty of drying time according to glue instructions.

How we hung the Patriotic birdfeederThe dowel is resting on the inside bottom of the can and flush to the back wall of the can.

  • Glue your Patriotic fabric onto the can using the Mod Podge. I used the outdoor Mod Podge and applied 3 top coats. Follow container instructions for drying time which is about 72 hours.
  • Bend the car tag to create a slightly pitched roof.
  • Glue the car tag into place using the Gorilla glue, allow proper drying time.
  • Wrap the floral wire around the bottom of the birdfeeder and through the car tag holes. Wind together at the top for hanging.
  • Add bird seeds, hang and enjoy!

Backside of Patriotic birdfeeder.intelligentdomestications.com

So that wasn’t hard at all. It just a can, a car tag and some fabric to make it look nice, right!

Patriotic Birdfeeder with car tag roof.intelligentdomestications.com

Our little birdies are loving their new bird feeder. It was fun to create and design. Finding fabric scrap projects is always nice so if you have a scrap you could use for your bird feeder, that would be great! I used a fat quarter and still had some left over!

One of my favorite repurpose projects is the Tea Cup Sconce Planter that my husband and I made together.

Tea Cup Sconce Planter. Repurposed sconce. #Repurpose #PorchProject.intelligentdomestications.com

 Do you have a favorite repurpose project?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this at the Create With Me party!! Pinned it 🙂 Next month we are sharing “coat hanger” projects. I hope you have a great DIY to share!!

  2. What a great birdfeeder! Just think of all the possibilities in fabrics too – I have some outdoor fabric in bright flowers that would look awesome. What a fab idea!! Thanks for sharing with us at the creative challenge!

  3. A great idea. The kids would love making this. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Hope you join us again this week. Pinned and stumbled!

  4. First day of summer and my brain is already fried. lol. I blame it the non stop talking 6 year old. I forgot we were putting our posts in the link up now. I do love this idea and how you used your mother’s tag. Repurposing is one of my favorite things.

  5. Oh I love the teacup sconce planter and the great idea for the bird feeder. Thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

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