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Our Fall Mantle An Ode To Pinterest

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I am calling our Fall Mantle this year an Ode To Pinterest. There are multiple DIY projects which make up the mantle all of which were ideas gathered from Pinterest.

It’s not complicated or elaborate. Our Fall Mantle this year is simple and the total cost is about $5. That part makes me smile and I finally knocked out a couple of DIY projects I’ve been meaning to do for years since seeing them on Pinterest forever ago!


The elements of my easy fall mantle decor include my Styrofoam Pumpkin Makeover. Those are Dollar Tree finds. I have now painted six of them, two of which went to my daughter’s home. 

Also included are a couple of matching Dollar Tree glass vases filled with pop corn, split peas and red kidney beans. I’ve been meaning to do this for so many years, have you? Free advice to you from me, do it right the first time! Separating those tiny little green split peas from the popcorn is not fun!

My personal favorite part of this project was painting the mason jars. Although I was apprehensive at first because it felt like I was breaking some mason jar law that says never ever paint one. Embracing the role of rebel, I decided to jump off the proverbial bridge along with many others who went before me and have painted multitudes of mason jars. I will do it again!


Vintage books and I have been having a love affair for many years so I just pulled a few favorites out for my fall mantle this year.

The glass jar with the faux wheat is a vintage Log Cabin syrup container. My Mom saved it from sometime back in the ’70’s and I’m glad to still have it.

Who remembers a time when we sang hymn’s in church? I still sing them in my head almost every day. The red book standing up is the hymnal I grew up singing from in the Pentecostal Holiness Church. I can tell you exactly what song is on page 10 or page 333 and I know all the verses to I’ll Fly Away. I found my ‘red book’ at a yard sale and it is priceless to me now.


Do you see it? F-A-L-L is spelled out on front of the mason jars using dogwood sticks. The top of our dogwood tree has died so it will get a nice trim soon. In the meantime, I decided to use some of the limbs in my fall mantle decor. I stood by the tree searching diligently for sticks which looked like the four letters I needed. Bloggers are nothing if we are not creative, and always looking for free or cheap!

How in the world could I possibly not use burlap as a mantle cover in my Ode To Pinterest Fall Mantle? It was never up for discussion!


One of my favorite decor pieces is the antique dough bowl given to me by a friend who was an antique dealer. This year I have filled it with fabric pumpkins I made and placed it in front of the fireplace. I considered placing items on either side of it then decided against it since it’s so large.  

Do you know how the handles on both ends of the dough bowl were intended to be used? There were a couple of options. Two people could sit in chairs facing one another with each end in their lap as they worked. If only one person was using the dough bowl, she would place one end in her lap and the other end in an empty chair or the edge of a table.


It’s not fancy or complicated but it was fun to put together. I’m going to enjoy my fall mantle this year satisfied that I finally checked some Pinterest projects off my list!

I have several Fall Pinterest boards which I have moved up so they are easy to find. Follow me on Pinterest and browse my boards for these and more home decorating ideas. 


Our 2016 Fall Home Tour will publish on Oct. 3rd! Stop back by for more fall inspiration.



Freebie Picture! I snapped this photo at the Georgia National Fair last year in October. Feel free to download it for your own use. Beauty should be shared.

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  1. How pretty, Shirley! Your fall mantel is lovely. The rustic look of the vases with twigs is such a great way to include natural elements. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning. I hope you have a fabulous week!

  2. I mean, somehow I find this post funny. The way you expressed yourself about painting Mason jars and the sticks from the tree. LOL….. Well so glad you were able to finally knock off some of those Pintetest projects. I feel the same and I have tried the split peas idea this year. The mantel looks very pretty and all for $5? Even better!! Dough bowls seem to be a treasure these days… had no idea how they were used!!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the humor Zan. I was definitely feeling lighthearted when I wrote it. Sometimes we save tons of stuff to Pinterest and never do any of it. I’m glad I finally did several of the fall decor ideas that stuck with me. Now I can find some more ideas to implement!

  3. I’m swooning over the Log Cabin syrup container. I know it holds sweet memories for you. I’m using my mom’s dough bowl on my dining room table as part of my centerpiece. I have done the layering of beans, etc before and I agree – do it right the first time. Your mantle is lovely and is perfect for fall.

    1. Do you remember those glass syrup bottles. I think it’s a 1976 tribute for the centennial. I can’t believe we have somehow managed to hang on to it all these years. I searched the house high and low for the perfect container for the wheat and so happy when I finally realized that was perfect.
      Yeah, I found out the hard way that the candles cannot be surrounded by the red beans in the tight spot of my containers and wound up separating those teeny tiny little split peas from the corn, so fun, not!

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