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DIY Fabric Covered Flower Containers to Match Porch Pillows

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My DIY Fabric Covered Flower Containers to Match Porch Pillows is a repurpose project.

Repurposed vegetable cans into fabric covered flower pots to match your porch pillows. #repurpose #upcycle #intellid

I used fabric remnants for my flower containers but you can find this similar yellow and white zig zag fabric right here online. (affiliate) 

Last summer I made the porch pillows and cushions for our little porch makeover project which you can see here. Below is a photo of the pillows and chair cushions I made last summer.

UPDATE: We made over the porch makeover! Go here for the complete remodel including new steps and the painted floor!

Repurposed vegetable cans into fabric covered flower pots to match your porch pillows. #repurpose #upcycle


  • Empty cans, cleaned and dried (I used large soup cans)
  • Fabric, amount of fabric depends on how many cans you wish to cover
  • Mod Podge (available here)
  • Paint brush for applying Mod Podge


Mod Podge is a really fun medium to work with. It’s grown up glue project fun! It is the glue we use for decoupage projects which a fun way to make your own home decor. You will find a list of more decoupage projects I have completed for my home below in this post. For this project, I used the Outdoor formula of Mod Podge which has the green label.

Follow the directions on the container for applying the Mod Podge. Drying times are pretty quick but you can speed it up by setting your project in front of a small fan if you are in a big hurry. I keep a small fan on my work table in the craft room for this purpose.

Repurposed vegetable cans into flower pots to match your porch pillows. #REPURPOSE


Use the can as your guide to cut the length of the can. Add about 1 inch to both top and bottom and mark your cut spot using a pencil.

Now pull the fabric around the can to find your cut spot for the width of the can. Leave about a half inch overlap.

Make the cuts.


Apply the Mod Podge to the side of the can a little at a time and apply the fabric. Take care to keep your pattern straight.

You should have fabric poking out longer than the can on both the top and bottom.

Make cuts along those edges which will allow you to fold the ends down flat without bulking. Apply Mod Podge to the inside lip and fold the fabric onto it. Then repeat for the bottom.


This easy project can be complete in several hours based on the drying times for Mod Podge which is actually pretty quick. 

20 Mod Podge Project Ideas for beginners and seasoned crafters too. Decoupage project ideas for around the house. #diydecor #intellid


Be sure to drill a couple of holes into the bottom of the cans for drainage before adding the dirt and flowers.

We selected begonias for our new flower containers and purchased them from a local grower. We love begonia’s, they are a big favorite for southern gardeners. Begonia’s are perfect for containers or for planting in beds and are comfotrable blooming in full sun.

It doesn’t get much more budget friendly than FREE! We enjoy our Fabric Covered Flower Containers and their begonia’s every weekend when we share coffee and conversation on the front porch!

15 Best Annual Flowers to plant in full sun

Make your own fabric covered can flower containers using soup or vegetable cans like I did. A coffee can will make an even larger flower container if you like. Go here to see what I add to a flower container before adding the dirt so it doesn’t take quite as much dirt. 

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Repurposed vegetable cans into fabric covered flower pots to match your porch pillows. #repurpose #upcycle

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Repurposed vegetable cans into fabric covered flower pots to match your porch pillows. #repurpose #upcycle

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  1. Hi Shirley, I wanted to let you know that I featured your fabric containers at our Cooking & Crafting with J & J link up this week. We hope to see you again.
    Thanks, Julie

  2. Hi Shirley, I really love these fabric covered flower containers. Thanks for sharing this at Cooking & Crafting with J & J. Have a wonderful day and weekend.
    We hope to see you again on Monday!
    Julie xo

  3. Oh my gosh – I love your fabric covered flower containers and the way they match your pillows. What a cozy setting for a morning cup of coffee! I just love mod podge and I really need to do a DIY project like this. I love the way you upcycled soup cans, too. So, so pretty, Shirley!

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