Farmhouse Style Fall Candy Buffet

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When you come across a vintage wire canning rack and you are currently crushing on farmhouse-style everything, you simply must buy it, right! 

Farmhouse Style Fall Candy Bar
Farmhouse Fall Candy Buffet

My Farmhouse Style Fall Candy Buffet was a quick and easy little project to add some fall feels to the kitchen this year.

I came across a vintage canning rack while browsing an estate sale. Of course, it brought back fond memories of my Mom teaching me how to can fresh vegetables in the summer.

These days we love using Mason jars for home decor so I thought, why not make a fun fall candy bar in Farmhouse style using the canning rack.

How To Make A Farmhouse Style Fall Candy Bar


This is one of the least expensive, easy upcycle projects I have done. I just love it as part of our kitchen fall decor this year and there’s candy involved! That’s win, win, win.


  • Vintage canning rack (I got mine at an estate sale for only $1)
  • 6 Pint size canning jars with rings and lids
  • Can for the middle section
  • Decorative craft paper
  • Scissors

The canning wire rack I bought at an estate sale has plenty of patina so I decided to use it as is.  

The two contrasting pieces of craft paper were free. My daughter cleaned out her craft stash and gave me a big tablet of fall craft paper!


Decorating the lids

In order to have the circles as close to the same as possible on every lid and centered, I had to place each lid as shown in the photo above.

There is wasted paper when you do it this way, but I got the look I was going for. I simply drew around the lid with a pencil and cut it out. 


I did the same technique for drawing and cutting when using the chevron print. The result was a good match of the designs on each lid.


Making a center for the candy buffet

I decided to cover a can with matching craft paper for the center of the canning rack rather than use another mason jar.

The addition of more color to the center made for a good contrats in the look of the candy buffet. I used Mod Podge to glue the pretty craft paper to the can.

Cut the top section as shown in the above photo. Making slits along the edge allows the paper to lay flat and be glued to the inside top of the can.

You see my shadow, Hobbly trying to take a nap. He is always by my side in the craft room and sometimes he tries to help, especially if I’m painting.


The craft paper is not glued to the lids. I just placed the paper onto the lid, set the lid on the jar and added the ring. Easy peasy!


Types of Candy in the Farmhouse Style Candy Buffet

I am not a chocoholic like my sweet hubby. I’m a giant fan of all things caramel so there are two caramel selections including those Goetze’s Caramel Creams which almost didn’t last until the photo shoot and caramel squares which will find their way into a recipe soon.

See my recipe for Chocolate Caramel Pecan Bar Cookies


Did you know that marshmallows have zero fat? Our Mini marshmallows will find their way into a cup of hot chocolate pretty soon.

See my Hot Cocoa Bar ideas with lots of goodies.

Here is what I did with the canner pot this rack came out of.


We have grandson’s who love sunflower seeds so those are essential on our candy bar. I know they aren’t candy but they are for my sweet grandson’s. 

What would fall even be without candy corn in the house? 

Make your own Fall Candy Buffet using a vintage canning rack, some Mason jars and pretty craft paper to add color to the lids. What kind of candy will be in your jars?

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  1. Hi Shirley. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m planning to re-design my old farmhouse and this candy bar is perfect as one of the designs. I’ll definitely try to do this as well. I’m a fan. Thanks.

  2. What a sweet idea (yes, pun intended 🙂 ) Your candy bar is so charming. Congrats, you’re featured this week at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll Link Party.

  3. Love this idea! Super cool and fun for the kiddos! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing at Dishing It & Digging It. We enjoy seeing your creativity each week! 🙂

  4. This would be such a dangerous thing to have at my house…lol. My kids LOVE sweets and I would need to add a lock and key. I do something similar with fast food condiments and put them in jars on our table for quick grabbing, so I love this idea.

  5. Now that is really a cute center piece for the table or counter. It looks great with the jars full of candy goodies and sunflower seeds. No I didn’t know mini marshmallows didn’t have fat,
    Wonder how many of those canning racks I have passed by at flea markets?

  6. This is one of the most creative candy bars I’ve seen. My grandsons love those sunflower seeds too, so they are definitely a great addition to a candy bar. This just screams fall and that vintage canning rack – yes! Perfection!

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