Upcycle An Enamelware Canner Pot Into A Large Flower Container

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All upcycle projects do not have to be complicated or involve multiple steps and processes as is the case with our upcycled canner pot!

Upcycle an old enamelware canner pot into a unique flower container. #gardenproject #outdoordecor

How To Upcycle A Vintage Canning Pot 

You can upcycle a vintage enamelware canner pot into a large flower container for a perfect match if you are decorating an outdoor space with red, white and blue decor!

It creates such a unique flower container and the colors are great! If you are currently gushing over farmhouse decor, this simple project is a must for your outdoor space!

Upcycle an old enamelware canner pot into a unique flower container. #gardenproject #outdoordecor

I was fortunate to find this old Canner pot at a yard sale near our home from a very friendly neighbor. She has some wisdom to share and I enjoyed the conversation with her. Seems the Canner pot originally belonged to her grandmother which means it has quite a bit of age since she herself is a great grandmother. Her memories came to life as she related learning to preserve vegetables and make jellies and jams in the old pot. 

The pot came complete with all of the original accessories including the lid and canning rack! How cool is that! See how I used a canner rack to create a farmhouse style candy bar for fall.

Upcycle an old enamelware canner pot into a unique flower container. #gardenproject #outdoordecor

We knew the old canner pot would be perfect as an addition to our Americana decor on the front porch this summer with the blue and white speckled design. Take a peep at our front porch makeover!

Our dog chewed on the plant stand when he was a puppy so those bite marks are sweet memories for us.

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Packing peanuts save you money on potting soil!

Do you know the packing peanuts trick for filling large flower containers? If not, you’ll want to save this idea for yourself! Fill the pot about 1/3 of the way with packing peanuts. This will allow the water to drain through the dirt and also save you a few bucks on using so much dirt in such a large container.

Upcycle an old enamelware canner pot into a unique flower container. #gardenproject #outdoordecor

Add the potting soil.

It will make you feel just a tiny bit like you’re doing something naughty to be adding dirt on top of those pretty pink packing peanuts but enjoy it!

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The photo above is a different flower container but the method is the same. Of course I didn’t snap a picture of planting the canner pot because I just couldn’t wait to get it finished!

Do not fill your flower container too full of dirt. Leave room to add your flowers and then you can add more dirt.

To remove the flower from it’s store container, turn it over and tap it gently on the bottom. Be sure to hold your hand over the top to catch the plant. Now you are ready to plant. 

Red Geraniums and white petunias were perfect selections to complete our red white and blue enamelware canner pot flower container! I used six petunia plants and two geraniums to fill the pot the first time I used it on my porch. Below in the Pinterest image you will see Red Geraniums along with a little Fairy Garden tucked inside.

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Use a vintage Canner pot to create an accent piece Flower Pot for your porch decor this summer. #containergardening

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  1. I really like this idea to repurpose some extra canning pots that I have!
    Could you tell me what you used for the plant stand underneath – it is so perfect!

  2. Hello Shirley, I love this type of gardening. Your container is looking so beautiful with the flower in it. I love this project and it is super easy and very creative. Thanks for this lovely blog.

  3. I never thought about packing peanuts, and that would be more lightweight than lava rock (which is what I typically use). LOVE the enamelware pot as a planter.

  4. I love projects like this. Super easy and no painting involved. LOL! I clicked over the candy bar that you created with the canning rack too….Ah-maz-ing!!! This was a great garage sale find.

  5. I love enamelware! I actually have an old roaster that was my grandmother’s that I STILL use lol. But I see enamelware all over vintage and thrift stores. It’s a great idea to use those big old pots as planters. Cheap and unique!

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