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Styrofoam Pumpkin Makeover

This is my first Styrofoam Pumpkin Makeover project but I have an overwhelming desire to go buy a whole basket full and just play with the possibilities.

Pumpkins and Fall are like biscuits and gravy, they just belong together, don’t they.fall-centerpiece-using-dollar-store-styrofoam-pumkin-made-over-with-gold-streaks

Crafting your own pumpkins is so fun and one of the most frugal ways to add to your fall decor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pumpkins so the hardest part for me is really just deciding what I want them to look like. I have been creating a fall tablescape and wanted a few more pumpkins. I knew the color tones I wanted and that paint would be the best medium to use so off to the craft room I went with my Dollar Store Styrofoam Pumpkins.


They really painted those Dollar Store Styrofoam pumpkins in a bright orange color, didn’t they?


The first coat of paint was Krylon Leather Brown/Gloss Maxx, lightly sprayed on. Those green stems become brown and I decided to leave them that way. I really like they way they look with the orange tone underneath.


After ample drying time, the second coat of paint was, Deco Art Orange spice which I dabbed on using a paper towel. I use an old medicine cup to pour small amounts of paint into. Once the paint dries, I just pull the dried paint out and then I can re-use the cup again.

I will admit during the drying process I was questioning the entire project. You can see in the photo below, there is more effort needed to pretty those pumpkins up! They don’t have the dimensional look I was going for just yet but I plan to add a little sparkle into my fall tablescape so out comes the metallic gold paint.


Again, I used a dry paper towel to apply the paint. I just spread it lightly in the humps all the way around. The color is Martha Stewart Metallic Copper.


This time I used a milk cap to hold the paint. I have a collection of those in my craft room for this purpose. You can see the tiny little dab of paint on the top edge of the paper towel. A little bit goes a long way on the project.

The last step in the process, after all the paint has dried is to spray the pumpkins with a lacquer finish to seal them. I used Tree House Studio Clear Acrylic Gloss Coating.  That step made all the difference for the final look. 

Fall Mantle Vignette Ideas.

Pumpkins paired with vintage books create a nice fall vignette.

My fall tablescape has lots of pumpkins and a bit of a farmhouse feel this year.

Styrofoam pumpkin makeover. How to make over a Dollar Store Pumpkin. Black and gold DIY Pumpkin

Black, Brown and Gold are unique colors for a pumpkin and unique is always good!

I hope you create your own pumpkin magic with some Dollar Store pumpkins and share them with us! I absolutely love looking at fall decor! Visit my Fall Frolics, Food & Fun Pinterest board for tons of ideas.

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Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Hi Shirley! Great job on the pumpkins, they look great and the colors are perfect! Love the gold. Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle! Pinned to share.

  2. I love the idea of using milk caps to hold the paint. Thanks for the idea. I’ll start saving mine too. I’m also in love with the end results of your styrofoam pumpkins. I’ve redone several in the past couple of years and I really like the metallic copper. Great job!

  3. I love the new look of the dollar store pumpkins. Thanks for showing us the process you used to get this look, Shirley. Pinning to my Autumn Decor Board. We appreciate having you party with us at Snickerdoodle!

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