Fall Vignette Craft Projects

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If it’s fall vignette craft projects you are looking for, you have come to the right place. 

I know it may seem like I’ve been on fall decor overload this year but  I just couldn’t help myself because I love fall decor so much so I made these two projects for my oldest daughter as a gift. 


Fall vignettes around the house are the ideal way to bring those gorgeous fall colors indoors. 

My oldest daughter is a busy Mom with five children and a full time job but she manages to keep their home feeling cozy in every season. This Grandma loves making things for my grandchildren to enjoy so I decided to surprise my daughter with a cozy little vignette for her dining room buffet. I’m always happy for an excuse to take out my sewing machine or do some crafting.

For this project, I made a simple fall table runner and a centerpiece.


Project supplies:

  • 2 yards fall chevron print fabric
  • Matching brown thread
  • Various fall floral picks 
  • Pumpkin front Metal container 
  • Oasis foam
  • Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters

Let’s begin with the fall table runner. I did not use a pattern, I’m wild like that! It really is a simple table runner, no pattern needed!


A standard size for a table runner is 14″x 70″ so with that in mind, I purchased two yards of fabric which equals 72″. That gave me an extra two inches on the length which will allow for the hem.

Our goal width is 14 inches for the finished product. Goals are always nice to have, right?

Fold the fabric in half before measuring the cut so that after the cut, you will have two pieces of fabric.

In the photo above you will see that rather than add an inch to the width for the hem, I went just beyond for my cut in order to keep the chevron print going like I wanted to. My finished product width is 14 1/4 inch which is great!


Hobblee is one of the reasons I keep my Lint Roller handy in my craft room. He decided to help by holding the fabric still while I cut.

After cutting the fabric, you will make the first trip to the ironing board. We want our fabric to look pristine and crisp when the project is complete.

I keep several Lint Rollers in my sewing room, do you? I need one on the ironing board and one by the sewing machine and Scotch-Brite is my go-to brand because they are the only Lint Rollers with Scotch™ adhesive and you can’t beat that Tears Cleanly Guarantee!

Place right sides together and use lots of pins to hold the fabric in place.

Sew a 1/4″ seam all the way around, leaving a gap at the end just wide enough to allow you to reach in and turn your table runner right side out.


I go back to the ironing board and press again where I may have created wrinkles during the hemming process. 

Trim the excess from the edges at the ironing board since it’s higher than the work table which creates less back strain. The Lint Roller works great for quick clean up of the ironing board since trimmed fabric is thicker than loose thread or cat hair.

Turn your table runner right side out and press the edges down. 

Sew the gap closed and you are finished!


I added some pretty top stitching by using the leaf pattern on my sewing machine. Now Tresa’s new Simple Table Runner has some added umph! It’s always fun to use those fancy stitches.


Do your clothes look like this when you slide your chair back from a sewing project?

Now that we have our Simple Table Runner made, let’s make an easy Fall Centerpiece.


First add the Oasis to your container. I had two scrap pieces remaining from  previous projects and used those. You can hot glue them in if you like, I did not.

Begin by adding the leaf filler picks to the four corners.

After filling in the corners, I work from the center out. I wanted my two big pumpkins in the center so they were next.

Then I added my smaller acorn picks on either side of the pumpkins.

From that point I filled in each end of the container with the two large pumpkin and squash picks and used the remaining leaf picks for filler.

You can easily bend and shape the picks to cover any empty spots and that is exactly what I did until I had the look which made me smile.


My daughter also has a cat and guess what he did while I was setting up her new fall vignette? Yep, he jumped right up on the new table runner the second I put it on the buffet. Good thing I brought a lint roller with me!

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You can find Scotch-Brite Lint Rollers including the pretty printed ones at Walmart on the cleaning aisle.


I love having lint rollers in my sewing room! How do you use lint rollers in our home?


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  1. How pretty, Shirley! I love the warm look of your fall vignettes. Your cat is a cutie, too! Thanks for partying with us at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.

  2. great looking display there! looks great for the holidays : ) I love lint rollers too, what a great way to catch all of the loose thread. (they have so many purposes!)

  3. oh darn! i wish i would’ve seen your blog before i decorated for my friends fall themed bridal shower! this would’ve been perfect for that. i think i will be making a new centerpiece for our dining room table using your tutorial, thanks~

  4. This Fall décor is so pretty! I love everything about this. I would love to have that set up in my home.

  5. This fall vignette craft projects sounds like something I would love to do. It looks gorgeous. Scotch Lint Rolls are really my friend with my dog around. I must say, I wish I had a sewing machine like yours. Thanks for sharing this awesome craft.

  6. I love fall diy projects like these. Keeps me busy and my home always looks great afterwards. Love your idea!

  7. We have 5 cats, so we always have lint rollers around. Ours would definitely jump up on that super cute table runner, too, lol.

  8. Those crafts turned out great – and I’m with you that my cat LOVES to find the places to leave fur where he’s not allowed. Perfect cleanup! #client

  9. I know your daughter is in love with the fall vignette you created. From the table runner (gorgeous by the way) to the centerpiece, it’s all beautiful and right in time for fall. You’re getting pretty good with that sewing machine I might add. It’s all beautiful!

  10. I could not help but think of your daughter and organized she must me when you mentioned how she runs her home. What a blessing. The vignette you made for her is just beautiful. Her table looks lovely. Those cats are too cute. My husband has a thing for lint rollers. Maybe I should tell him about this brand.

    1. Yes, Zan you should definitely tell him about Scotch-Brite Lint Rollers, they are the best! I love them, especially in my craft room but with 2 cats in the house, we keep them all over the house.

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