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Americana Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Make your own set of Americana coasters with a farmhouse style using Mason jar lids and cork. It’s an easy DIY home decor project.

If you love farmhouse style decorating, you must make a set of Mason Jar Lid Coasters for your own home. I chose an Americana theme for summer but you can use your own theme as well.

We love going to estate sales when we have a chance preferring to always go on the last day when everything is half price. Last summer I snagged a huge box full of Mason jars complete with rings and a few lids for only $8.

They are now amongst my crafting supplies just waiting on a project, so you know there will be more to come. I used a few of the pint-size jars in my Farmhouse Fall Candy Bar last year.

This project was part of our Front Porch Makeover. We were about to put our house on the market and embarked upon some updating and prettying up. I wanted all of the fun little details on the front porch which I decorated in a Patriotic theme.

Also see our Front Porch Makeover, before and after with all of the little projects listed.

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DIY Mason Jar Lid Coasters Tutorial

Project Supplies 

Step 1

First I painted the rings and the top of the lids. No need to paint the side of the lid which will have the cork glued to it.

That being said, if you are using a light color napkin, you may want to paint that part white so your napkin design will stand out.

How to glue the napkin on the the Mason jar ring edge

Step 2 Adding the napkin with Mod Podge

Next, I trimmed the edge of the napkin to acquire the design I wanted on my Mason Jar lid rings. 

Then I painted the Mod Podge in small amounts onto the outside of the ring and carefully pressed the cut napkin into place. Once it dried, I painted on a top coat of Mod Podge for security.

Notice that I cut slits along the edge of the napkin that helps it to lay down properly on the inside of the ring.

Step 3 Apply the Sealer

Now is when I applied the spray on the sealer to the outside of the decorated ring. The lids and rings are not yet attached but I didn’t want the sealer on the cork.

I sprayed the sealer onto the painted part of the lid and both the inside and outside of the painted ring which means the napkin is double sealed. 

I realize the lids in the photo above are not painted as I forgot to photograph this step so I went back and took pics using an extra ring to demonstrate.

How to add the cork and lid to the ring for DIY Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Step 4 Adding the cork

Now is the time to attach the painted lid to the decorated ring. Dab some E6000 glue to the inside of the ring and placed the lid onto it. Press down for a few seconds and set aside to allow the glue to dry.

While the glue was drying, I used an extra lid as the template to cut out my cork. Place your cork onto a solid surface, preferably a cutting mat if you have one available.

Set the lid in the middle of the cork and draw around it with a good pencil. Then use a sharp cutting tool to cut out the cork insert for a glass to rest on.

Now, dab some E6000 into the lid and gently place the cork inside the ring. Allow ample drying time.

DIY Americana Mason Jar Lid Coasters

We are ready for sipping some iced tea on our front porch this spring and summer with fun Americana coasters to match our Patriotic porch decor.

If you enjoy making crafts with a farmhouse style and love using Mason jar lids, see this cute Mason Jar Lid Santa Christmas tree ornament. The kids can do this one.

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New paint saves an old Patriotic porch table. Dont' throw it away, make it over.
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Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Great idea!

    What type of mod podge and spray paint sealer did you use? I wonder if spraying the cork would make them waterproof!


  2. These are friggin cute! We don’t do much Americana at our house but these are so unique and such a great upcyle! I love mason jars. I had to go over and take a peek at your fall farmhouse candy bar! It was so nice too. I would have eaten til I was sick! LOL! Nice job.

  3. Shirley, these are an inspiration! I was just noticing this week my jar rings were looking a bit yucky inside and probably need replacing. And then you show up on #FridayFrivolity with a handy little craft for me to make with them. <3

  4. I love the look of these Shirley. At first I thought you painted the outsides, but using napkins is so clever. It totally looks rustic and old without the rust! Love it.

  5. This is a fun craft to make! It would be perfect for Independence Day. I would love to make these with a spring or summer theme and use them when we spend time outdoors.

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