Bathroom Planning on a Realistic Budget? Can it Be Done, Yes!

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Well-designed Bathrooms, stunning baths and great bathroom furniture provides a welcomed retreat for many of us, as we look forward to a soak in the tub after a long day.

Therefore it’s no surprise that we want to take time and effort when it comes to decorating the bathroom space and making it into our personal oasis with the latest walnut furniture and modern modular units. The good news is, to achieve your dream bathroom, you don’t necessarily have to break the bathroom budget.

Bathroom remodeling tips

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can makeover your bathroom with luxurious furniture fittings and decor without overspending. For more exact information on UK bathroom furniture prices check out bellabathrooms.


How To Update a Bathroom. Bathroom makeover tips

As with any project, when working with a budget, it’s best to plan ahead. Installing fitted bathroom cabinets and fitted units in a new bathroom is a process. To cut costs, you’ll want to avoid any work needing redoing, plan the order of work to be carried out and you’re half-way there.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for deals on the expensive items you may want to include such as bathtubs, shower units and tiles. 


Tips for updating a bathroom

While the idea of completely renovating a space is great, the reality is if you want to cut back on the expenses, you can probably use your bathroom’s current design to help do this. Improve fixtures where you can…Perhaps your shower unit would look as good as new simply with a new shower head. Sometimes a little TLC can go a long way! A big way to save both on costs and time is to maintain your current plumbing structure if possible. 


How To Update a Bathroom. Bathroom makeover tips

You don’t have to be an interior designer to renovate bathroom furniture sets. Take painting for example, you may just surprise yourself with your own decorative abilities. There are tons of tasks you can likely carry out yourself. However, anything that requires skills that you don’t possess should of course be handed over to a professional who knows their stuff. 


Sanitary ware undeniably will eat up a large portion of your budget, but with that said you can still save when it comes to this type of fixture. Selecting a bathroom sink and toilet bowl needn’t put stress on your finances.

To minimize excess spending in this area, we recommend that you consider opting for sinks without cabinet areas as they can be significantly cheaper than one with legs. If you need to get around the storage space you’ve missed out on, think about setting up shelves or using basket draws to compromise. 

When it comes to toilet bowls, set aside a reasonable portion of your budget but consider a more economic option. There are lots of great bowls that are aesthetically pleasing at a low price…Just be sure to shop around, properly. 


Baths. What would we do without the luxury of them in our homes? There’s no doubt that you’ll be on the lookout for a beautiful bath for your bathroom, but it is possible to find one at a bargain price.

Skip on the traditional baths, you know the types, while temptingly elegant, they are guaranteed to cost more. Instead, why not satisfy your luxurious bathroom design ideas with an acrylic roll-top? It’s certainly possible to achieve a high-end finish by only spending a few hundred on your new bath. 


How To Update a Bathroom. Bathroom makeover tips

Choosing new tiles for your bathroom renovation is one of the best parts of the process. As an important decorative element, you’ll likely not want to be as frugal on this element. You can still however, save. Consider tiling the areas that only practically need it, rather than the whole bathroom. If you still want to achieve a hand-finished look, use such tiles sparingly as a feature, this will create a beautiful finish and help you to save. 

For a budget friendly bathroom makeover; plan ahead, only replace those fixtures and units which genuinely need to be replaced, shop the sales, save the largest expense for tile, select less expensive  and DIY any area you possibly can. 

Bathroom Makeover Tips on A Budget. #bathroomdecor

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