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How We Know What To Clean

Our whole house Ceiling to Floor Cleaning Checklist was created by professional housekeepers who do these things all the time.

After many years in the residential and commercial cleaning business, we developed our own standard checklist for ceiling to floor cleaning. Unless you have a couple of days off from work and a few good helpers, you may want to break it all down and get it done over several weekends.

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The Cleaning Checklist

We created our cleaning checklist based on those things we did for our clients through the years. We have divided the list into three sections; Entire house, Kitchen and Bathrooms. We call it wet work and dry work in the business.

Entire House Cleaning Chores

Cobwebs. Use one of these to remove cob webs from the ceiling. This is always the first chore to do in any room.

Wash all the wood framing around interior doors for hand prints & smudges. My favorite cleaner for this chore is Mean Green which we usually dilute half and half. Always wear gloves when cleaning.

Picture Glass. Use your favorite window cleaner. Spray the paper towel, never the glass because the cleaner and leak under the glass and ruin the print.

Interior Windows. It is true that newspaper works really well for cleaning windows. It’s pretty hard to come by these days so we stick with paper towels.

Baseboards. Did I just hear you say ugh! The old fashioned way of crawling along and wiping is the best way to clean them. After they are clean, maintain them by running a mop over them every time your floors are mopped.

Ceiling Fans. Wash the blades top and bottom. Remove the light fixture and clean it in the sink. Wipe the light bulbs before replacing the light fixture.

Light fixtures and Switch plates. Remove any globes from light fixtures and clean them in the sink. Wipe the bulbs before replacing the globe. Also wipe all switch plates free of finger prints and grime.

A clean kitchen. It was cleaned using our Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning Chores

Begin with all of the Entire House Chores; cob webs, windows, wood work, light fixtures, switch plates, picture glass and baseboards.

Exterior of cabinets. They get a build up of grease and grime. I also use diluted Mean Green for this chore. If you are really smart and want your cabinets to shine, after they are dry. Cover them with a coat of Lemon Oil. Don’t do it if you have pet dander flying around  your house though.

Light fixtures. Same as above. Remove to clean, wipe bulb too.

Refrigerator. Inside and Out. If you have a stainless steel fridge, you might love the shine this stuff gives the outside. I sure love it on mine.

Oven. Yeah, this one really bites but it has to be done. 

Major appliances exterior. You may have a variety of other appliances in your kitchen. Be sure to clean them all. You want your kitchen to shine when you are done.

Microwave. Don’t forget the microwave. It takes a real beating sometimes, especially the inside. Most of the glass turntables are dishwasher safe. Good to know!

Kitchen Counters. Remove everything from the counter one section at a time and clean the surface. Wipe down all of the things before putting them back into place.

My Kitchen Pet Peeve

It’s nasty dish cloths. I cannot stand them and I saw a whole bunch of them when we were cleaning houses for many years. This is all you need to do to have a stink and stain free dish cloth.

A clean bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Chores

Do all of the Entire House Chores; cob webs, windows, wood work, light fixtures, switch plates, picture glass and baseboards.

Wash the outside of cabinets. Detail the counter tops just as you did in the kitchen by removing everything then cleaning the surface. Wipe everything down before replacing it to the counters.

Detail the shower doors. If you have shower curtains, now is a good time to replace them. You can actually wash a good shower curtain and liner on the gentle cycle. Then hang it back up to dry.

Tub, Toilet, Sink, Floor and Mirrors

Print your free Ceiling To Floor Cleaning Checklist.




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  1. I need to save this for Christmas Cleaning. I never host Thanksgiving because I am always working the night before and the night of. When my mom gets too old to do it I will have to, but we will be moving our celebration to Saturday then.

    1. Thanks, Kristen. We will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home as well. I need to take my checklist and get to work! We are trying to keep our home reasonably clean since it is on the market right now anyway. I’m loving your Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever Series!

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