How To Keep Your Dish Cloth Stink & Stain Free

How To Keep Your Dish Cloth Stink & Stain Free and I am not referring to washing it constantly. There is an easy and quick fix for this simple kitchen problem.

Do you like to buy dish cloths and dish towels to match your kitchen colors and theme? Yeah, me too so I want them to stay clean and looking nice as long as possible!

How To Keep Your Dish Cloth Stink and Stain Free. There is a simple fix for your dish cloth developing those stinky odors or stains. #kitchenhack #kitchentips

The kitchen has long been a gathering place and as such one of the key rooms in the home we all want to be clean and smelling fresh when we have guest coming. Cooking and cleaning go hand in hand. Just as a spatula is important to cooking good kitchen dish cloths and towels are essential to keeping a clean kitchen.

How To Keep Your Dish Cloth Stink and Stain Free. There is a simple fix for your dish cloth developing those stinky odors or stains. #kitchenhack #kitchentips

After a recent family gathering there were lots of dirty dishes to clean up afterwards. We piled the pots and and pans in the sink and enjoyed coffee and conversation while they soaked!

It was a big mess to be sure but I had plenty of help cleaning up which is wonderful, isn’t it! I remember that time my dishwasher quit working on Christmas Eve with more than a dozen folks coming to my home! You guessed it, we had to remove all those dirty dishes from the dishwasher and wash them all by hand.

I came across these Scotch Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloths a while back and love using them especially when we have lots of pots and pans to wash by hand. You can find them here on Amazon. (affiliate link)

How To Keep Your Dish Cloth Stink and Stain Free. There is a simple fix for your dish cloth developing those stinky odors or stains. #kitchenhack #kitchentips


Always rinse all food and food debris from pots, pans and dishes before adding them to your dish water. Why? Because you will have food stained water which will stain your dish cloth.

Let’s say you fried some bacon in a skillet. You probably made something delicious with bacon in it! BUT, don’t stick your nice clean dish cloth in that skillet until you have wiped all the debris out first. Use a paper towel. I like to squeeze a drop or two of dish detergent into the skillet followed by warm water and let it soak a few minutes. Then I rinse it well before washing it.

The point is to not have any of the meat renderings still in the skillet when you begin to wash. If you need to, use a scrubber like this non-scratch kind before you use the cloth.

The correct way to dry your dish cloth after washing dishes
The correct way to dry your dish cloth after washing dishes

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Do not dry your dish cloth like this. If you do, it will grow mildew and germs plus an odor.


Laying a wet dish cloth across the sink divider to dry causes mildew because it takes far too long to dry. If you don’t wish to hang your Dish cloth across the faucet while it dries, take it to the laundry room and hang it on the side of a laundry basket as shown below. 

Prevent mildew and it’s smell by allowing air to circulate through the dish cloth while it’s drying. The new Scotch-Brite Scrubbing dish cloths have a fast drying time and are machine washable. 


Mildew forms quickly on anything wet. Do these things to take good care of your kitchen cloths:

  1. After you finish using your dish cloth, rinse it thoroughly to remove all soap suds and any debris stuck to it.  
  2. Then hang it to dry in a manner which will allow air to circulate through it during drying time.
  3. Never put your dish cloth into stained dish water.

Those simple tips will help your dish cloth live a long and happy life and keep you from being embarrassed about having stained and stinky dish cloths. 

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Tips for Keeping Your Dish Cloth Stink and Stain Free. Kitchen towels and dish cloths require a different kind of care than regular wash cloths. #homemakingtips #intellid


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  1. The cheesecake recipe looks delicious, I will definitely try it! And you’re right about the cloths too, they need to be properly ventilated while drying, otherwise it starts smelling very fast. Once we went on a vacation, and I forgot the cloth curled up near the sink, because we were in a hurry. When we came back after two weeks, the whole kitchen smelled horribly. It took us a lot of time to find out where that smell came from. It was the cloth. Never making that mistake again.

  2. My mom and I have a difficult time with this problem. I hang her wash cloth over the drain board where it can get air flow. She thinks it’s good to put my sponge in s plastic cup with no air flow. It’s a constant battle.

  3. This Lemon Cheesecake recipe sound and looks amazing. I will have to make it for sure. Scotch Rite Scrubbing Cloths are great for washing a dish. Thanks for sharing this cloth idea and the recipe.

  4. I never made lemon cheesecake. It looks so good. It’s so true keeping the dishcloth in between the sink gets germs. Keeping it dry does help avoid the germs. It’s easy to forget remove the dishcloth. It’s a useful tip.

  5. So you’re sending leftovers to me, right? I love cheesecake but never plan ahead well enough to make it.

  6. This recipe looks so good! I always have left my dish rag lying on the sink. I will now know what to do to keep it smelling better!

  7. I use dish cloth in washing our dishes as well and I afree, it should be hung where there’s free air circulation. I sometimes forget and put it in between the sinks though.

  8. Yay. Two tips in one post. Thanks for the cheese cake recipe. I’ll be looking for these fast drying cloths. I really don’t like it when they are still wet the next time I go to grab it. Out comes a new one and then it’s more laundry

    1. You are a woman after my own heart Mary! It doesn’t have to be that way if we just dry them properly. I love my new Scotch-Brite scrubbing dish cloths! I’m going back for more!

  9. Oh, how we love cheesecake over here. I don’t think I have ever eaten a lemon flavored one but I can almost taste the goodness. Dishcloths can get very messy. I usually just throw mine in the wash to clean it off – thank you for the tips.

    1. Stacy’s new Lemon Cheesecake recipe is a winner! I’m looking forward to the next time he makes it already.
      I toss my dish cloths in the laundry as well. I wouldn’t even buy one that isn’t machine washable.

  10. I am so guilty of drying my dish cloths like that, definitely changing that now.
    I am loving the lemon cheesecake, I always get heartburn from cheesecakes but I never stop eating them lol

  11. Oops – Sometimes I lay my dishcloth across the sink divider. No wonder I’m constantly getting clean dishcloths out of the drawer all day long. Thanks for the tip AND the lemon cheesecake recipe. I know my family would love it if I made it for our next family meal.

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