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Spring Tea Tablescape

Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter. Celebrate the arrival of Spring by hosting a small gathering for a Spring Tea. Nothing really fancy, just friends, food and hot tea.

Winter has been wet this year with mild temperatures and lots of rain. We are excited to invite some friends over to celebrate the arrival of Spring with a nice little Tea party in the breakfast nook!

Spring Tea Tablescape Ideas using pretty floral dishes and pastel colors along with light refreshments. #springtablescape #intellid
Spring Tea Table Setting

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Join me along with a couple dozen of my talented table decorating friends who are giving us all a peek into their homes! You will see so many pretty and clever ideas you can use to decorate your own Spring tablescape!

Thanks to Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate for taking the time to coordinate these monthly Tablescape events! Links to all the other homes are near the bottom so keep going! If you are joining me from Life and Linda, isn’t she super talented!



My Spring Tea Tablescape afforded me the opportunity to create a small Tea Party using my pink rose Tea Set and dishes. The patterns on the dishes are different from the Tea Set but that just makes it more fun for me. There is a story to my dish collection.

When my Mom came to live with me after my Dad passed away, she saw my collection of pink rose dishes. She told me she had those exact dishes when I was a little girl. What a hoot. I started collecting them years prior from antique stores and thrift shops or anywhere I found a piece. I did not know Mom had them when she was younger. Hers came from the Dime store. Who remembers the Dime store? Those are long gone! 

Of course those Pink rose dishes have a history of their own. The original pattern was copied many times over thus the many different patterns most of which have no name stamp on the bottom. They feature pretty little pastel flowers in pink and blue and generally the roses are pink.

My collection includes platters, serving plates and quite a few bowls in various sizes. I have even found a matching music box type Tea Pitcher which you can see here and a small table lamp in the pattern. 

Most of the collections I have seen are a creme color with a gold rim. They all tend to have the flowers spaced out around the edges as seen here on this small platter.

This is one of the larger, small bowls and the only one of it’s kind I have. I did once make a deal with a Thrift shop owner to buy an entire stack of pink rose bowls at a really good price. 

This pretty little vase is one of my favorite items in my collection. It is the perfect size for those Chocolate wafers. The colors on it are vibrant and the gold is still prominent. It isn’t tall enough to be a bud vase but it would be perfect on a dressing table holding makeup brushes.


My Spring Tea Tablescape holds more memories for me. The white embroidered runner is tattered and stained but holds sweet memories for me. My Mom made it using an old white bed sheet. She did all of the embroidery herself and right now I’m sorry I didn’t show you the embroidery on the ends of it. She used it on her dresser for many years to protect the wood. I topped it in the center with a vintage knit scarf I found at an estate sale.

The tablecloth is actually a large piece of Toile fabric with a nursery rhyme print. 

My plate stack begins with a simple light blue round placemat. The dish on the bottom is American Limoges Flowers pattern. Those were my Mom’s dishes and if memory serves me correctly, she purchased the entire set from the grocery store piece by piece.

A small square dessert dish is next and that is topped by a coffee cup and saucer set from my everyday dishes set. Each cup has a selection of 3 flavors of tea to choose from for each guest.

The napkin is tied in a loose knot. We only need a dessert fork and a spoon which I mismatched in keeping with the dishes being mismatched.

Creating a fun Tea Party to celebrate Spring helps us to bid farewell to our wet rainy winter! Looking forward to sunshine, the sound of the birds singing and soon the crickets chirping at night too!

I hope you found a tip you can use to create a Tea Party using what you have and invite a few friends over. You could do this for a Bible study too!

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Spring Tea Tablescape ideas anyone can use. I used what I have on hand to create a layered look on the table and a fun plate stack for our Spring Tablescape. You will also find a couple dozen more Spring Tablescape ideas listed here also. #springtablescape #intellid

A Tablescape for Every Season

Give yourself and your family a treat by creating fun tablescapes for special occasions. Use what you have to set a pretty table.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. What a lovely table, Shirley! I love the idea of a tea party to welcome Spring. I enjoyed reading the story of your pink rose dish collection and the runner that your mom embroidered. Wishing you a beautiful start to the season, my friend! Pinned!

  2. Everythings coming up roses! Your tablescape is beautiful. Sentimental and amazing mismatched touches all make a beautiful statement. Spring is on the way. You created the perfect setting for a spot of tea. I alo love that you see potential in your lovely vintage pieces. Makeup brushes would look lovely on your vanity if they were kept in such a pretty vessel. Pinned! It’s a pleasure to hop with you. Hugs!

  3. What a sweet table with such wonderful memories and treasured pieces you have set for spring. Isn’t it such a lovely coincidence that both you and your mother had collected the same treasured dishes? Thank you so much for joining in and sharing your dear memories and lovely table! Happy spring!

  4. Shirley, your rose tea set and collected pieces must be even more special to you now that you found out that your mom had some as well! You have set a beautiful spring tea party here. This looks like the table where Friends gather to solve some of life’s issues over a cup of tea!! I hope you have a wonderful spring

  5. Shirley, your tea rose dishes are so lovely. They look familiar so I’m sure I’ve seen them at an estate sale or antique mall. All the pretty layering, especially your mother’s handmade runner, add a wonderful sense of history and calm. All the sweets look ymmy too.

  6. I love your Spring Tea Tablescape. What a wonderful way to welcome Spring. Everything looks so pretty. Nice hopping with you. Cynthia, Create With Cynthia

  7. Shirley, I became so intrigued by your lovely tablescape even more by the stories that were connected to some of the pieces. They are beautiful in and of themselves, but become more beautiful and more valuable with the memories and the people who are linked to them. Your mom made a beautiful runner and each and every charming rose china piece is so precious and charming. They truly have a nostalgic feel to them. Happy Spring, Shirley! May it be warm and inviting as your lovely tablescape.

  8. That rose pattern is very popular. I have a mismatched set that belonged to my Mom and they were a prize found in boxes of laundry detergent. Tables that bear pieces from our past or generate those memories are always special. This is a very serene setting and your guests would feel honored to sit here. Happy Spring!

  9. Such a lovely story about you and your mom collecting the same dishes. The rose pattern is beautiful. Your tea party is fabulous.
    I have never hosted a tea party. I have always wanted to. You have inspired me. Beautiful doilies to compliment the dishes. The treats are lovely. I would be honored to msit at your table and enjoy a spring tea.

  10. Shirley, I love a table that is rich in memories. Toile always draws my eye, it is a favorite fabric of mine. The sweet rose dishware is perfect for a tea party and how amazing that your mom had the same when she was younger. I do remember dime stores. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you! Happy Spring!

  11. Shirley, your spring tablescape is so pretty! Your china collection is beautiful and all of the sweet treats look scrumptious! Happy March!!!

  12. Wow that is so unusual that you actually collected the same dishes as your mom once had! I do remember dime stores and I remember my mom collecting dishes from the grocery store too. That’s a pretty pattern and made for a lovely spring tablescape!

  13. Shirley, I so enjoyed reading the story of you and your mom’s china and tablerunner. You reminded me of the several doilies my great grandmother made that I had forgot about. How very nice it must have been for your mom to see you loved her old pattern so much. And, boy do you have a lovely and extensive collection! I too loved the vase, but also the teapot, sugar and creamer. Would love to sit and have tea with you anytime. Maybe someday, somewhere we’ll have the opportunity to meet in person?

  14. Hi Shirley! I’m so glad to get to know you through this hop! Your spring tea tablescape is absolutely perfect for entertaining friends. I love the sweet tea set you have, and I can’t believe your mom had the same set as a little girl! I need to start collecting a tea set now! Happy Spring, my friend.

  15. Shirley, as an antiques dealer, I take great delight in hearing how buyers are attracted and start collections. How serendipitous that your mother had a tea set with that same pattern (yes, I remember dime stores!). I love the mismatched pieces that complement each other, and the teas and sweets look to be the perfect way of sharing a pretty table, time with friends, and the coming of spring. I agree, let’s ditch winter! Happy March.
    Rita C at Panoply

  16. Shirley, as a sentimental dishaholic, I just loved the story behind your rose dishes! Your spring tablescape is charming and I love all of the tasty tea-time treats you included! It is a pleasure to join you today! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiciton

  17. Such a delightful tea table! Your collection is beautiful and how crazy your mom loved and collected the same ones, truly a Godwink moment! I love all the goodies you added too, much fun!

We enjoying hearing from you!