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DIY Cornucopia Wreath

My ‘new’ DIY Cornucopia Wreath is now a favorite addition to my 2015 Frugal Fall Décor collection.

I’m calling it a collection as if I am a famous designer! After many years of keeping house and accumulating seasonal décor, I decided to make over my Fall décor this year with a common theme of ‘frugal’. Pop over and check out the Frugal Fall Décor with Mod Podge & Heat Bond  and see what I did with some pretty fall napkins. Then go see the  Dollar Store Décor Fall Copper Vase , you won’t believe what I used to achieve the copper look! It’s all about being frugal while creating attractive ‘new’ fall décor.

On to our ‘new’ Cornucopia Wreath.

Cornucopia Wreath 2015.intelligentdomestications.com


We have used a horn of plenty to display our faux fruit for a few years now. I wanted to do something different this year so I decided to use all of my faux fruit to create a Cornucopia Wreath. The wreath is hanging over a mirror over the fireplace in the den. You can see our Tiffany globes on the den ceiling fan in the reflection. Objects in mirror are not as close as they appear.


  • Dollar store wreath form ($1)
  • Dollar store green burlap ($1)
  • Faux fall color leaves (in my fall décor)
  • Faux fall fruits and vegetables (in my fall décor)
  • A couple of fall picks
  • Ribbon for bow (in my fall décor)
  • Satin ribbon for hanging (in my stash)
  • Glue gun & hot glue

Cornucopia wreath project in the works.intelligentdomestications.com

Begin by wrapping the wreath form with the burlap.  Hot glue the ends of the burlap into place. The green burlap adds to the bright fall colors of the Cornucopia Wreath. I love all the bright colors! 

Next I added the faux leaves with hot glue. I started with the yellows then added the orange and then the reds, all facing the same direction coming around the wreath.

Start adding the faux fruits. Play with it to determine the perfect placement. I designed my Cornucopia wreath with the faux fruits on the left so I could add the bow and leaf floral pics on the right for balance.

Fall pick for Cornucopia wreath

We have a brand new home décor store in our area which is where I got the picks. I only purchased two because they were so large for only a couple bucks. Also in the picture are a couple of the faux fruits I used, a pumpkin and a squash which we already owned.

Cornucopia wreath floral pic.intelligentdomestications.com

I fell in love with those picks at the home décor store because they have the leaves, berries and even a small pumpkin! Perfect for this project!

Cornucopia wreath project in the works 1.intelligentdomestications.com

I added in a couple of pinecones fresh from the yard! Isn’t it great to live in the south.

After using our cornucopia fruit in the horn of plenty for so many years, it is a refreshing change to give them a new life on the Cornucopia Wreath!  We were very happy with the way it turned out. It’s hanging over the mantle over a mirror. I will be sharing the rest of our Frugal Fall Décor throughout this week ending with our Fall Home Tour.

The only expenses were the two picks (about $2.99 each), wreath form ($1), and burlap ($1). This project was completed for around $8 by repurposing old décor.

When you are only using seasonal decorations for a few weeks each year, with proper storage, you can easily give new life to old décor!

DIY Cornucopia Wreath.intelligentdomestications.com


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Have you raided  your craft stash lately? What did you make?


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