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Decoupage Pumpkin Fall Vignette

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Creating a fun fall vignette is something I look forward to every year! This year I enjoyed several decoupage projects with dollar store pumpkins and napkins!

The first fall vignette I created for a guest bath. It is the powder room most visited when we have guests in our home so I want it to look nice and neat with a touch of seasonal decor. I’ll show you some pictures of the entire room at the end of this post.

How to decoupage a pretty napkin onto a dollar store pumpkin. Dollar Store pumpkin makeover. Decoupage pumpkin. DIY Pumpkin craft idea.

This DIY Fall Vignette consist of three projects; a decoupage pumpkin with a matching can and a framed printable Fall quote.


  • 1 Dollar store faux pumpkin
  • 1 Empty small soup can, washed
  • Pretty Napkins
  • Mod Podge
  • School Glue (Elmer’s)
  • E6000 glue
  • 2 Faux Fall Leaves
  • Matching stick-on jewels
  • Jute 

It is as simple as gluing strips of the pretty napkin onto the sides of the pumpkin. Because the pumpkin is round, it is necessary to find a way to make the paper lay as flat as possible. I made cuts along the way to achieve this. It was actually fairly easy to keep the design in the napkin reasonable intact by making small cuts.

After applying the napkin all the way around the pumpkin I added three coats of Mod Podge allowing ample drying time between each. It works great as a sealer and I love the shine.

The stick on jewels I used are from Oriental Trading hereWe used these same stick-on jewels for our Authentic Looking Championship Belt project.

There are lots of faux leaves in my fall decor bin and I used a couple to add to the top of the decoupage pumpkin. First I pinned them down with a straight pin. Then I added a drop of E6000 glue.

School glue such as Elmer’s which dries clear worked great to hold the jute in place around the stem. As you can see in the picture, I added lots of glue then started wrapping jute. My thin jute came from the dollar store!

How to decoupage a pretty napkin onto a dollar store pumpkin. Dollar Store pumpkin makeover. Decoupage pumpkin. DIY Pumpkin craft idea.

The pumpkin turned out great. Everyone who comes in wants it and that makes me smile.

How To Decoupage A Can With A Pattern Napkin

How to decoupage a can with a patterned napkin. Decoupage can. DIY decoupage can.

The first thing I did was to lay the can on the napkin and pull the sides up to see if the napkin would reach all the way around. I decided to cut the napkin and match the pattern by hand. I wanted a pretty circle aligned center front so I could put a jewel in it to match the pumpkin.

How to decoupage a can with a patterned napkin. Decoupage can. DIY decoupage can. 

It is necessary to make cuts across the top edge so it will conform when glued inside of the can inner edge. You will do the same thing on the bottom. I always decoupage the bottom surface also.

Smearing Mod Podge is one of my favorite things to do in the craft room. It is just a wonder that I don’t do it more often. Did you always love glue projects in elementary school? I did!

Everywhere you want the napkin to stick, smear some Mod Podge on with a paint brush then carefully add the napkin working in small sections until complete. Allow ample drying time which isn’t long with Mod Podge. Begin applying Mod Podge as a top coat for a sealer. I do not bother with other top coat sealers since Mod Podge works just fine for this purpose.

How to decoupage a can with a patterned napkin. Decoupage can. DIY decoupage can.

After about three coats of sealer, I added the stick-on jewel and the jute to match the pumpkin. Because we do not need toothbrush storage in this powder room, I used it to display a wash cloth which matches the hand towels.

Hello Fall free printable. Hello Fall printable.

My last project for this fall vignette was to create a Hello Fall printable and frame it. You are more than welcome to print one for yourself. This is not a fancy printable, it will print centered on the page. I minimized mine and cut it to fit in my 5×7 frame. 

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Hello Fall free printable. Hello Fall printable.

I had these red dollar store picture frames in my craft stash. They were last seen a few  years ago in this Valentine mantle decor.

While the frame is really quite simple, I decided to add a little touch of flair by painting those little bumps Ivory. It took about three coats of blue to cover the red!

As promised, here is a peek at the powder room. It’s pretty standard. We love the cultured counters in both guests baths as well as all the bronze fixtures. All of the interior doors in our home are bead board. The door you see in the mirror goes to my craft room.

My little DIY Decoupage Fall Vignette looks pretty on the vanity and I just love how it turned out.

The shower curtain was a T.J. Maxx find.  We lucked up on matching towels and rug at Sam’s Club! Notice the two paint sample strips on the wall on the right! The olive green paint is entirely took dark for our tastes and will be painted over soon. We purchased paint in a super light shade of gray for this room. Now if we can just make time for painting!

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  1. OMW Shirley, that napkin is stunning and the way you’ve added bits of bling take the whole look to another level. It makes it look like something you’de find in a Turkish palace. Lovely

  2. Love the idea of decoupage for dollar store pumpkins. Those things don’t take paint well at all. I also love how beautifully it goes with your bathroom.

  3. What a pretty way to dress up a plain pumpkin! Your guest bath looks great for fall. Pinning to my fall decor board. Thanks for partying with us. Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend, Shirley!

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