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Create a Valentine Tablescape and Mantlescape Using Everyday Items

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No need to go out and purchase expensive decorations when you can Create a Valentine tablescape and mantlescape using everyday items. You can set a pretty table using the dishes you have. Things don’t always just have to be fancy smancy, do they?

Use what you have to create a fun Valentines Tablescape for your family. Old Valentines cards can be fun to re-read at a Valentines dinner at home.

Valentines Day is almost here. It’s always fun to do a little Romantic decorating, mood setting if you will.

Create a centerpiece by baking a cake to display on a pretty cake stand. I happen to own this Avon Cape Cod collection of dishes which are rarely ever used. My husband has especially enjoyed this Valentine Tablescape because we have been eating dinner on these pretty dishes.


If you don’t own a cake stand, no problem. Turn a bowl upside down and sit a plate on it. Instant cake stand!

Old Valentines cards can be repurposed as table decor for a fun conversation piece on your Valentines table decor. Paper place mat doilies add a Vintage romantic touch. A simple pocket fold on cloth napkins creates a nice elegant touch as well. I acquired these cloth napkins on an ebay sale.

You can learn how to make the pocket fold napkin on You Tube. I enjoy watching You Tube videos for napkin folding tips. See these Rose Napkins I folded for another Valentine’s tablescape. 

Easy Valentines Tablescape using what I had on hand to decorate the table. Repurpose old Valentines cards as conversation pieces. Mason jar candy treats for everyone. Cake as a centerpiece.

Create your own gift in a jar by using Mason jars. I used the small jelly jars for these gift treats. Each jar is filled with candy and topped with red rings which I hand painted. Each jar is topped with Valentine themed cupcake paper from the dollar store before adding the ring.

The bread plates are used for giant conversation heart candies.  You can further set the mood with a simple little votive at each place setting.


Use this opportunity to either gift a new card or to repurposed old Valentine cards as conversation pieces.

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Cheap and Easy Valentine Table decor ideas. Tips for setting a use what you have, pretty Valentines table at home.

Valentine’s Mantlescape

Create a romantic mantlescape using your Valentine cards from yesteryear. I am guilty as charged of saving all the cards my husband has given me! I have noticed that he tends to purchase Anniversary cards which are serious while Valentine cards are usually humorous.

A Mantle decorated for Valentines by repurposing old Valentine cards for a walk down memory lane. Simple Valentines Mantle Decor Ideas
Repurpose Old Valentines Cards into a mantle garland for whimsical Valentine’s Decor

I simply decorated the mantle using my Valentine card collection along with Mason jars filled with candy.

My hubby and I both enjoyed reminiscing over the yesteryear cards. I framed a couple of the smaller cards in Dollar store frames which I spray painted red.  Mason jars filled with Strawberry creme hard candies and Conversation Hearts add a touch of fun to the look.

The heart garland is a Dollar Store find. The clothespins were simply spray painted with one coat of red paint for a fun touch.

A Mantle decorated for Valentines by repurposing old Valentine cards for a walk down memory lane. Simple Valentines Mantle Decor Ideas

My favorite card ever is the construction paper heart I placed in the middle. My grandson made it for me a few years ago. Isn’t it precious with his little hand writing.

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Make your own Valentines mantle garland by repurposing old Valentine cards. See how I make mine very simply.


Do you save the cards you receive? They make good conversation pieces. I once discovered that my hubby had bought me the exact same card two years in a row and he had not even realized it. We both got a good laugh from that. I purchased the exact same birthday card for both of my daughters who are 8 years apart. Their birthdays are a few months apart so I wanted to see if either would notice. Nope. Maybe I will tell them one day.

Valentines Day Ideas

Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day with Family

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