Easter Dinner Ideas With Menu’s, Recipes & Decor

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Does the Easter Menu in you family tend to have pretty much the same family favorite dishes? We generally stick to tradition when we are eating at home but some years we go on a pic nic. You’ll find lots of Easter Dinner ideas in this collection complete with recipes, menu’s and Decor.

Easter Dinner Ideas including Menus, Recipes and Decor. Easter Menu. Easter planning guide. What to serve for Easter dinner

Our Dinner at Home Easter Menu 

This is the Easter menu served most years at my home. There may be a different dish or two sometimes when one of us decided to try a new recipe but we usually end up deciding to go back to these faithful favorites. 

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Pic Nic Easter Menu

A pic nic menu needs to fit well in a cooler, pack easily into food storage containers, require little clean up and of course be fun and delicious.

Sandwiches are the easiest pic nic food so they must be yummy and not require being put together once you reach your pic nic site. Who wants to sit there and assemble sandwiches while everyone else is exploring the outdoors and having fun!

Grilled Pimento Cheese Burgers. Photo of Grilled Pimento cheese burger, hot dog and fries

If you will be grilling burgers and hot dogs for Easter, be sure to try our trick of topping the burger with our Homemade Pimento Cheese Spread!

Ideas To DIY Your Easter Decor

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Happy FriYay!! I’ve been craving a Pineapple Upside down Cake for months so I finally made one yesterday! It’s almost gone this morning!! What’s your all time favorite-best ever-can’t live without it dessert?? #pineapple #cake #pineappleupsidedowncake #cakeandcoffee #cakeandconversation #homemadefood #almostfromscratch #prettyfood #buzzfood #bhgfood #friyay #foodiegram #deliciousness #delicious #baking RECIPE: 1 box Pineapple Supreme Cake mix 1 (20 oz.) can sliced Pineapple in heavy syrup 1/2 stick butter 1 Cup packed Brown sugar Maraschino cherries 3 eggs 1/3 Cup oil 1 Cup Pineapple juice from the can of pineapples Set the oven to 350. Melt the butter in a large Iron skillet in the oven. Pour the Brown sugar into the melted butter and spread evenly across the skillet. Arrange drained pineapples on top of the Brown sugar. Place a cherry in the center of each Pineapple. In a bowl; mix cake mix, eggs, oil and Pineapple juice about 2 minutes. Pour the batter into the skillet on top of Pineapple and bake until done about 40-50 minutes. Cake is done when toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. NOTE: I had to cover the top with foil as it was getting Brown about 20 minutes before the cake was done.

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Easter Dinner Ideas including Menus, Recipes and Decor. Easter Menu. Easter planning guide. What to serve for Easter dinner

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