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Painted Pine Cones Spring Decor

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Are you a Pinterest fanatic pinning all these great ideas but never doing any of them? My new Painted Pines Cones are inspired by a Pin I saved years ago!

How to paint pine cones to look like zinnia flowers. Spring colors painted pine cones. Painted Pine cones. Painted Pine Cones in a Two Tier Wire Basket

My inspiration project, on Pinterest of course, are Pine cones painted to resemble zinnia flowers with only the yellow center. I decided to add the red center surrounded by yellow which is characteristic of many zinnia. I also used pine cones with larger bottoms since that is what graces our yard.

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Living in Georgia, we have lots of pine trees. There is an abundance of pine cones in our yard. Yay for free decor items, right! 

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How to cut a pine cone using loppers


The first thing to do is cut the pine cone. We used our loppers, like these  (affiliate) which made the job quick and easy. The finished painted pine cones will fit better into a bowl or container when they are cut. I also made sure to pick up some tiny ones. The tiny painted pine cones are so adorable.

How to paint pine cones for spring decor. Painted pine cones. How to paint a pine cone to resemble a zinnia flower


Only a few were painted by hand. The rest were spray painted.I found painting pine cones by hand to be therapeutic. Of course all the centers were painted by hand. One coat worked for the centers. 

Paint Colors I Used (all are linked with Amazon affiliate links)

Acrylic Craft Paint

Spray Paint

The Cherry Blossom Pink and Wild Green are flat and rather chalky looking. Originally I planned to spray them with lacquer but decided against it because I love the colors so much.

The zinnia centers are painted with DecoArt True Red and Bright Yellow.

In order to achieve the bright  vibrant colors I wanted, I used two coats each to paint the pine cones with both spray or acrylic paint. 

Painted Pine Cones. Pine Cones painted in spring colors

How to paint pine cones to look like zinnia flowers. Spring colors painted pine cones. Painted Pine cones. Painted Pine Cones in a Two Tier Wire BasketMy Painted Pine Cones are displayed in a two tier wire basket like this one I found on Amazon. (affiliate link)


The price was right for this project. It was basically free since I used paint from my craft room stash and the pine cones were in my yard! 

I made sure the pine cones were bug free but I did not bleach them as I have seen some folks do. I use a large paint brush to clean them so it would get down inside well and wipe out any bugs which may have been in there. I did all of the cleaning and spray painting outside.

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Pine Cones make home decor easily with a little paint added. Here is how I painted these pine cones from my yard to look like flowers! Cheap and easy homemade Spring decor using what you have on hand! #diydecor #pineconedecor #intellid


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  1. Hi I have tried and tried to paint pinecones and each and every time they closed up and fused that way and I could not get them open after they dried that way.

  2. Have you ever made an arrangement for your mailbox with Palm branches, purple ribbon, and easter lilies or any other white flower? Here in Savannah, Ga. several ladies did this to celebrate Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday. This all happened because we were not allowed to have church or any other gatherings. I am not the creator of this idea but seeing your lovely work I thought you might make up something for pinterest.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Judy, I have seen those beautiful mailboxes and love them. I have not tried to do it myself but I should. My mailbox is brick and rather wide so I am not sure how I would attach it. I am going to look into that! I love Savannah!

  3. What an absolutely precious idea! And your results are perfect. I have a large old wooden ball on the coffee table that I fill with seasonal items…ornaments at Christmas, eggs at Easter, etc. I am going to paint some of these little cuties this week and add them to my bowl. Thank you for this idea.

  4. Shirley this has been on my list to do forever!! I even have the pine cones but have never tried it. I love zinnias and this pin caught my eye. You did a GREAT job! Love all of the bright colors you chose. It’s funny – I USED to have so much acrylic paint and now only have a few colors so I guess I need to get some more so I can do this project!

  5. I’m still in awe these our pinecones. These look fabulous and I love the bright colors. I wish I had pinecones like that in my yard. Pinning!

  6. These look great, Shirley. I love the bright colors you chose for yours. What a pretty decorative accent piece for spring time. I think I need to collect some pine cones. They aren’t here in abundance like they are in GA, but I think I can find a few at the park.

  7. Very creative ideas to use pine cones and such a great result, I’m sure many who see this will be stunned at their origin. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have this pinned too, and so did my sister . . .then she asked if I had any pine cones, so I gave her mine. Now she has some pretty painted pine cones and I have to wait until next year to collect more. Your pine cones turned out great with those beautiful bright colors for Spring!

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