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Porch Swing Makeover

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Our Porch Swing Makeover is finally complete and I am so excited to share it with you. You are going to love the paint color we found! 

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Our porch swing makeover is the second installment of our porch makeover project.

Please be sure to visit the DIY Stenciled Americana Drop Cloth Pillow here for a link to that awesome stencil from DecoArt and how I personalized it to my own taste.

Swing Makeover project. How to makeover an old porch swing.

She was in desperate need of a makeover and we knew it.

My hubby sits on the swing every Saturday and Sunday morning when we have our coffee on the porch. We have even been known to bundle up in the winter and have our coffee in the cold just to enjoy our weekly porch date.

Swing Makeover project. How to makeover an old porch swing.

I setup my work area in a shady spot in the yard. The day I painted the swing, the front porch railings and posts were painted as well. Be sure to check back for our entire porch makeover project!

This was not my first experience painting our old oak swing. It was white when we received it as a gift from a neighbor in 1979. She had it stored in an old garage behind her house where it had been for a very long time. My children grew up swinging on it either on the porch or even at one time, on an A frame in the yard. It has always been a part of the grandchildren’s visits to our house. We used to take Easter pictures with my Mom surrounded by her Great Grandchildren on the swing every year. So you see, our swing is special to me, it has quite a bit of age and history. I took pleasure in painting it myself.

Our color is called Pergola from the DecoArt Americana Decor Outdoor Living collection. Even though the Pergola covers quite well, I began the swing makeover with a coat of primer because the red paint had been there for quite a few years. I painted in between every slat, top and bottom. There was never a time I considered filling in her age spots! That’s the history she has with us and we wouldn’t dare attempt to alter history!


After one coat of primer and two coats of Pergola, she’s ready for the next dance! I think my hubby enjoys his weekend porch time even more with all the updates on the porch including his favorite sitting spot.

It’s amazing the difference a coat of paint can make!

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Porch Swing Makeover. Before and After pictures including the paint color used. Oak porch swing makeover project details.

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  1. Your swing makeover looks great, Shirley. The lighter color is just right for an outdoor swing. Thanks for partying with us! Pinning.

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