Super Mom Apron Sewing Project

This Supermom Apron sewing project was a goal of mine when I first begin teaching myself to sew. It turned out to be a life lesson in more than just sewing.

This project required reading a pattern which was as fearful to me as the boogie man. I knew I could figure out how to read a pattern if I just believed in myself and kept trying but I will admit to being quite intimidated. 

Super Mom Apron Sewing project at

I remember my Momma trying to teach me to sew when I was younger but that didn’t go to well. She did suffer through me making a dress once. Even though it no longer fits, you know how the closet shrinks clothes, it is still in my closet. I’m hanging on to that memory more than the dress because by the time the closet gets through shrinking it, it wouldn’t fit Barbie.

This cute little Bandana Summer Top was a sewing project I did without a pattern. 

The Super Mom Apron project was intended to be a birthday gift for my oldest daughter. As a Mom to five, she has mastered the skill of being a super Mom for sure. On the rare occasion that she ever gets sick, it takes three of us to do in her home what she normally does by herself. Those are super Mom powers!

Super Mom Apron Sewing project at

Anyway, with this Super Mom Apron project on my heart, I headed over to my favorite fabric store and grabbed a shopping cart. You know you will need a shopping cart at the fabric store, right! Memories of picking out patterns with Momma flooded back as I sat down in front of those big colorful pattern books. I soon spotted this pretty Christmas apron pattern. It really has all the features I wanted; a big full double skirt, the bib, heart shaped pockets and frilly sashes. So with confidence in tow, I picked out the fabric, made the purchase and headed home.

This pattern is available on Amazon using the affiliate link below.

Do you know how exciting it is to leave the fabric store with enthusiasm for your new project? There will be no time for laundry or meals, just sewing until the project is complete! It’s time for your spouse to show some of that unconditional love he committed to, right.

Here is what happened next.

Super Mom Apron Sewing project at

Taking that pattern out of it’s paper sleeve and finding the correct pieces was my first big task. Being sure the fabric was laid out correctly and pinning down the pattern was a little intimidating but I’d done it for Momma many times. She would correct any mistakes I made though, so this time it was all on me.

The bib was the first thing I made. It was actually pretty easy.

Next I made the sashes which was something I remembered watching Momma do many times. Those weren’t really hard either. Momma always did all the sewing but she would explain the steps along the way as I watched and I remembered what she taught me.

Then I laid it all out on the floor to admire what the finished project was going to look like. Snapped some pics and sent them to my hubby. He ooo’d and aahh’d and gave some delightful comments. I’m sure he thought he was coming home that day to see a finished project.

I returned to the sewing machine where I made what I considered to be a huge mistake that had practically ruined the project. Notice in the picture above how the bottom edge of the bib is lying on top of the sash. I sewed it down that way which is wrong. The sash goes on top, not the bib. 

I could not figure out what I had read wrong in those pattern instructions! I thought I had followed them correctly. Unable to comprehend the pattern and frustrated with myself, I got up and walked away. I just needed a break. 

Super Mom apron sewing project at

About a year and a half later, I picked the project back up. Oh, I thought about it during that time and was aggravated with myself each and every time I thought about it. I thought it would take me forever to rip all those stitches out and the fabric might look bad. Why in the world didn’t they make the instructions easier to understand? I would examine aprons in stores and try to figure out how to do it right. It finally hit me one day, thankfully! I decided not to read the pattern and just figure it out on my own. 

Super Mom apron sewing project at

After using the seam ripper on the bib and sash, they were back off  in minutes. The fabric survived that trauma just fine.

 I decided to sew the pockets down first. The pockets are really a two step process. First you have to make the pocket by cutting them out and ironing down a hem edge which you sew. Then you pin them to the apron skirt and sew them down again. At least that is how I did it.

Super Mom apron sewing project at

Since the top of the skirt is rounded, lots of pins are needed to attach the sash for sewing. I sewed the sash to the skirt before attaching it to the bib.

Super Mom apron sewing project at

Finally, pins in place the bib is sewn back onto the sash, properly this time.

Attaching the skirt and bib to the sash was the most intimidating part of the entire project. It isn’t perfect and that’s ok. After completing it, I realized it actually wasn’t that hard after all. I had convinced myself that it would be hard but it wasn’t.

The Super Mom Apron project turned out to be more than just a sewing project for me. It was a learning experience. I learned not to give up on myself. I’ve never been a quitter anyway. As long as we reach the finish line, how we get there is up to us. 

My daughter loves her new Super Mom apron and I am ready to make another apron! I do have two daughters.

What are you intimidated by that you really want to accomplish? Go for it!

Super Mom apron sewing project at

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Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Always good to walk away and have a break when things are not going as planned. Kudos to you for looking at how other aprons were constructed and finishing without the pattern. You’ve sewn a lovely apron with bright, fun colours and I’m sure your daughter will treasure it. Now to make one for your other daughter – it will be somewhat quicker.

  2. This is so cute!! What a great idea and I know the kids love it as much as Mom. I need to think about making a few of these myself. Thanks for sharing at the Family Joy Blog Link Party this week!

  3. How cute and you did a great job on it! So your closet shrinks clothes too, huh? Thank you for partying with me at my very first Wednesday AIM Link Party. I shared your post on my social media sites.

  4. So glad you decided to take on the project once again and get it done. Some projects could be intimidating. It looks really nice and now you must make one for your other daughter with ease right?

  5. I have several projects I started and walked away. You’ve given me the courage to pick them up again. Having said that, I’m really impressed with your sewing skills. You’ve come a long way. When I was a little girl, my mom made all of my clothing and my Barbie clothes as well. My Barbies were the best-dressed dolls in town. Wish I had paid more attention because my mom was an expert seamstress just like yours. Oh yeah, love, love, love the apron! Great job!

  6. The apron turned out so cute Shirley! I made an apron from a pattern once, and ended up getting so frustrated at it that I gave up. I still have that half finished apron somewhere lol.

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