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How To DIY A Witch Hat Wreath

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Make this fun Witch Hat Wreath with our simple step-by-step tutorial including a video of the process.

A whimsical purple and orange Witches hat wreath hanging on a front door

Dollar Store supplies and a glue gun are what you need when making Witches hat wreaths. These are so easy you can make one for yourself and one to give a friend.

How To Make A Witch Hat Wreath

I was smitten by these cute Witches Hat Wreath projects I kept seeing on Pinterest. We are not into the scary or ghoulish Halloween décor.

We lived out in the country for seventeen years where no one dared to travel on Halloween. Now that we are in the new home in a neighborhood that is all different.

We have hosted a couple of cute Halloween parties in the new home and enjoyed decorating and making party food, especially for the kiddos.

A couple of

years ago, we hosted a Charlie Brown Halloween Party and used a super fun backdrop behind our party table. The post includes all the details plus where I found the backdrop. After the party, I repurposed the backdrop for our Trunk or Treat Decor.

A Black and White not-so-scary Skeletons was our theme one year and Two-Headed Betty turned out to be quite the Hostess.

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Dollar Tree Supplies for Mesh Witch Hat Wreath

  • Purple mesh, 2 Rolls
  • Orange mesh, 2 Rolls
  • Black Ribbon, 2 rolls
  • Orange Ribbon, 2 rolls
  • 1 Roll orange and black chevron ribbon
  • Witch Hat Wreath form from Dollar Tree (pictured)
  • 1 set of fabric witches’ legs
  • Purple pipe cleaners
  • Small piece of black ribbon for the hat belt
  • Hot Glue

Buy online and pick up in-store from Dollar Tree.  Shop For Floral Supplies, Decor, Vases and More All At $1!

This is a really fun project so let’s get started!

Watch the video first, it’s only 2 minutes. Scroll all the way down for the video. If you are a visual learner like me, watching the video then seeing the still photos of the steps will make the process easy to understand. 

Do not be intimidated by making a deco mesh wreath! You can do it! Let’s get started!

Supplies for making a witches hat wreath
Making witch hat wreaths

Step 1

Getting the Witch Hat wreath frame ready

Remove all of the decor from the hat frame. Scissors work well to cut the garland off. Once it is all removed, you will have a plastic frame. 

Notice the little things on the sides which poke out. Using snips, cut those off on the side of the hat only. There is no need to cut them from the bottom as they cannot be seen and are not in the way there. We are removing them from the side in order to wrap the top of the hat.

a demonstration of matching a chevron pattern while wrapping  a wreath form with ribbon

Step 2

Adding the ribbon hat band

Match the pattern on your ribbon

Now it is time to dress up the top part of the hat. I selected this pretty black and orange chevron pattern ribbon because it adds a bit of whimsy and I do love a little whimsy!

Matching the pattern is really not hard at all. Just be very careful when you turn it over to add the hot glue. After adding the glue to one side on the back, double check the alignment before adding the glue to the other side of the ribbon.

a rotary cutter and purple Deco mesh

Step 3

Cutting the Deco Mesh

The process of making the bows is much easier and quicker if you cut all of the ribbon and mesh first. 

Begin by cutting all of the mesh into 30 inch lengths. It will curl up and that is fine. I kept my two colors in two different piles so that alternating them onto the wreath hat would be an easier process.

someone cutting orange ribbon using a rotary cutter

Step 4

Cut the ribbon

Next cut all of the ribbons into 9″ lengths. I used two different ribbon patterns. The orange pumpkin ribbon was tied onto the purple mesh and the black sheer ribbon was tied onto the orange mesh.

Place the stacks of 9-inch strips next to the mesh you plan to attach it to. Keeping the colors together makes the process well organized and easier to accomplish.

A purple and orange Halloween bow
Making deco mesh and ribbon bows

Watch the video, BELOW, to see how to create each bow. Basically for this particular deco mesh wreath I used the scrunch and pinch method. 

Step 5

Making the bows

Stretch out the 30 inch piece of mesh in front of you. It may curl some but that is okay. Using both hands, gather and pinch the mesh pulling it towards you. Continue to pull and pinch in small sections until you reach the end. Pinch the bunch together tightly between your fingers. 

While holding the bunched up mesh, place the cut ribbon on top and pinch it with the mesh. 

Now use a pipe cleaner like a twist tie to hold it all together. You can cut all of your pipe cleaners in half as you will only need a small piece.

The backside of a Halloween wreath while being made

Step 6

Putting together your Witch Hat Wreath

Finally, it is time to put all of those deco mesh bows onto the hat! 

It is simply a matter of wrapping the pipe cleaner around the hat form as shown. Spread the out to your own preference. You will want to fluff and adjust each bow as you add it to the form. 

A purple, orange and black Halloween wreath bow

Last Step Making and Adding a top bow

I made one big bow using a total of three all tied together for the top of the hat. 

Finally I tied a pipe cleaner to the back to use as a hanger. This Deco Mesh Witches Hat Wreath is super lightweight so a pipe cleaner is perfect for a hanger.

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  2. Shirley, after having made two dangling witch leg wreaths, I love how you were able to create one so adorable and expensive with dollar store supplies. Bewitched!

  3. Oh my goodness; this is darling! I am not a huge fan of Halloween but would totally hang this adorable witch on my door. Pinned and shared.

    1. This post was a featured favorite of mine from the Hello Fall Linky party. I shared this post with my sister too and she made a very similar wreath; she just LOVES halloween and thought this was a fantastic idea.

  4. Cutest witch wreaths ever! I’ve been looking at those witch socks every time I go in the dollar store! The wreath is the perfect Halloween decoration.

  5. This is so adorable and beautiful, Shirley! And of course I love all the purple! You did a fabulous job handling the mesh and made it seem so easy!

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