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Easy Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat Décor

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How to make your own Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat design with little effort. I used these Halloween decoration pieces for Halloween party decorations and then to make a really cute Trunk or Treat also.

Easy Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat Design. Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Trunk or Treat Design. Harvest Trunk or Treat.

A fun idea for a Trunk or Treat theme is Charlie Brown and Peanuts®Great Pumpkin. The movie is a favorite must see at our house every year, no matter how many times we have seen it.

You know Lucy is going to move that football just as Charlie Brown begins to make the kick but you react as though it’s your first time seeing it.

This article contains affiliate links. That isn’t really scary at all.

I tend to shy away from ghoulish Halloween decor preferring the softer side of the holiday.

The scariest thing you’ll find in our decor is Lucy with her green monster face mask unless the sight of sheet ghosts are considered frightening to you.

When I was a child going trick or treating, everyone was a ghost. My brothers and I were usually Casper the Friendly Ghost wearing sheets over our head with eyes cut out, the classic Halloween costume.

Supplies For This Charlie Brown Trunk of Treat Theme

Here is my list of 33 Halloween Movies for the Whole Family.

Easy Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat Design. Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Trunk or Treat Design. Harvest Trunk or Treat.

Great Pumpkin Cardboard Stand Up

This Great Pumpkin, Pumpkin patch cardboard stand-up is really big and makes the perfect photo spot. I used it first for our Charlie Brown Halloween Party and then again for our Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat here.

Live Pumpkins

A great way to say welcome Great Pumpkin and add character to your theme is to add a few live pumpkins.

A few Pumpkins will add a great Halloween spirit the entire family will enjoy. Can we say Kodak moment right here! The best part is that you can use those pumpkins in your porch decor at home all the way through Thanksgiving.

Do you have a nice collection of fake pumpkins? Use those!

Thankfully, the kids at your event won’t go home empty handed like Linus and Sally.

Where to find toddler size Raggedy Ann and Andy Costumes. Raggedy Ann and Andy Halloween Costumes

We used our Great Pumpkin photo backdrop for our Peanut’s Halloween party recently. Our little Raggedy Ann and Andy are just adorable, aren’t they!

Easy Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat Design. Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Trunk or Treat Design. Harvest Trunk or Treat.

Hay Bales and Fall Flowers

All of the flowers, plants, hay bales and pumpkins are from our front porch and yard decor. Double bang for our buck.

Here’s a look at our Fall Front Porch right here.

It was a great idea to do a creative trunk or treat scene getting double duty for our live Fall outdoor decorations.

We are getting double bang for our buck with the Peanuts® Great Pumpkin Cardboard Stand Up and Peanuts® Halloween Backdrop Banner from our party! I’m seriously considering using them on the front porch for Halloween night too!

Peanuts®Great Pumpkin Halloween party ideas. Halloween party ideas. Great Pumpkin Halloween party. Halloween party for kids.

Peanut’s Halloween Backdrop

The backdrop was also used twice. Once behind the food table for our Peanut’s Halloween party and then again as our Halloween Trunk cover.

Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat theme

My car is a small Prius. I opened the car trunk and used tape to secure the backdrop into place. The backdrop really set the perfect theme with our beloved Peanuts characters.

There are so many different fun ways to decorate your own trunk for a trunk or treat event. Be sure to scroll down for more ideas. We have lots of Trunk or Treat ideas!

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More Halloween and Trunk or Treat Ideas For You

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More Trunk or Treat Ideas. These pictures are all from my church event.

Toilet Paper Toss was one of the games at this Trunk or Treat event at my church.

Easy Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat Design. Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Trunk or Treat Design. Harvest Trunk or Treat.

Six Super Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas. Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas. Halloween party food. Halloween.

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