Bible Costumes & Trunk or Treat Ideas

Bible Costumes and Trunk or Treat Ideas you should see if you plan to participate in Trunk or Treat at your church this year.

Angel costume
Little girls Angel costume

See my list of Bible costumes and where to buy them. Religious costumes can be used for passion plays, Christmas pageants, Halloween costumes, Trunk or Treat events, and even your next costume party.

If you are a good seamstress you might be willing to buy a pattern and make your own biblical costumes. I do not qualify and I’m thinking most of us don’t, so browse this list of places to buy religious costumes for your event.

Mary costumes for little girls
Mary Costume for girls

Nativity Costumes

A Nativity pageant will require a Mary costume and a Joseph costume plus a few wise man costumes. You can find most of these at Oriental Trading online. Check the site for free shipping codes which they offer from time to time.

Shephard costume
Men’s Shepard Costume

Biblical Shephard Costume

Noah’s Ark Trunk or Treat is always a fun design and can be a prize winner if your church is handing out prizes. You need Shephard costumes! Find this one at Oriental Trading.

Men’s Shepard’s Costume on Amazon. The wig is blonde instead of white.

Noah’s Ark Trunk or Treat Ideas

Noah's Ark Trunk or Treat
Noah’s Ark Trunk or Treat image from Pinterest
Jonah and the whale Trunk or Treat
Jonah and the Whale Trunk or Treat Idea from Pinterest

This Shephard costume appears to be crafted from white plastic tablecloths which is such as clever idea and affordable too.

See these Fake Beards on Amazon to complete the look if you choose to craft your own shepherd costume.

Roman Soldier Costume
Roman Soldier Costume

Roman Soldier Costume

Roman Soldier Costumes are essential when preparing for a Passion Play for Easter events. The Roman soldier is one biblical character you can also use for a Trunk or Treat scene too.

Adult Nativity Costume Kit
Nativity Costume kit

Costume kits are a good choice for the nativity, wise men, animal Bible characters, and lots of prop sets.

Where To Buy Bible Costumes

Bible costumes
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More Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat Ideas

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Your little’s will love these super-duper easy-to-make Charlie Brown cookies while they are watching The Great Pumpkin. FYI, you will enjoy those cookies too.

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What is Trunk or Treat? More answers about Trunk or Treat right here.

More Trunk or Treat Ideas. These pictures are all from my church event. Toilet Paper Toss was one of the games at this Trunk or Treat event at my church.

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