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21 Clever Trunk or Treat Ideas To Inspire Your Creativity

We have collected 21 24 Clever Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas that nailed it. Take these DIY Trunk or Treat ideas and turn them into your own interpretation. 

Pictures of Trunk or Treat designs

No Spooky Trunk or Treat Ideas

Our collection of Trunk or Treat Ideas is not spooky, just good family fun. Most of these are from Trunk or Treat at Church events.

I snapped pictures for several years at my own Church. Some people really nail the spirit of the fun. There seems to always be themed with candy and sports. One of my all-time favorites was an emoji theme.

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How Does Trunk or Treat Work?

Trunk or Treat usually begins around dark and ends about 2 hours later or when all the candy is gone, whichever comes first.

Some churches will have super large crowds and prepare weeks in advance by having the congregation donate candy and sign up to participate with their cars and trucks.

Cars are lined up in the parking lot typically side by side depending on how many participants there are. Sometimes there are gaps in the parking spaces to allow for games to go in between or to prevent a bottleneck in the lines

Then the kids are lined up at a designated beginning location. Sort of a parade of costumed kids begins to make their way around the parking lot collecting candy from each car as they go.

There may be one or two familiar design ideas worth considering to put your own twist on. You will also find some unique ideas which are sure to be a lot of fun. A good trunk or treat lineup wouldn’t be complete without a candy theme trunk or a sports team trunk.

When Is Trunk of Treat Held

Most places host Trunk or Treat the Saturday or Sunday evenings before Halloween. If Halloween falls on a Saturday, it may generally be held that day but could possibly be the week before.

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21 24 Clever Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas

21 Clever Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas

4 MORE Trunk or Treat Designs ⇓⇓⇓

Wizard of Oz Trunk or Treat design..21 Clever Trunk or Treat Ideas.21 Clever Trunk or Treat Ideas. Trunk or Treat design ideas. Trunk or Treat #Trunkortreat

A Wizard of Oz trunk or treat idea complete with the yellow brick road. The yellow brick road leads to a car trunk full of candy.

Snack Bar Trunk or Treat Idea. Trunk or Treat. 21 Clever Trunk or Treat Ideas

Snack Bar trunk or treat in the back of a car. Create this look with dollar store tablecloths and poster board.

Candyland Trunk or Treat design by Sprinkledevents. 21 Clever Trunk or Treat Ideas. Trunk or Treat design ideas. Trunk or Treat

Candyland makes the most fun trunk or treat idea. All the children will be gathered around your trunk for candy. A great idea for a place to snap photos. Source

Pirate Ship Trunk or Treat design. 21 Clever Trunk or Treat Ideas. Trunk or Treat

Pirate Ship Trunk or Treat from Sprinkled Events. This one is a good idea for an SUV. Be sure to dress the part.

I hope you have been inspired by the creative designs in this collection. I like the interactive designs best. Can’t you just see the children lining up to toss the glow sticks onto those drink cans?

It’s amazing what you can make with some boxes, paint, and creative thinking!

More Halloween and Trunk or Treat Ideas For You

These 7 Super Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas include how to make those cute Mummy Hot Dogs with Crescent rolls, Banana Ghosts with chocolate chips and Pumpkin Cuties.

Your little’s will love these super duper easy to make Charlie Brown cookies while they are watching The Great Pumpkin. FYI, you will enjoy those cookies too.

If you are also a fan of sweet and salty then you will love these no bake Corn Chip Halloween Dessert Bars. You get to have some fun with candy googly eyes.

When we think of Halloween, the first thing we think of is candy. I made these Halloween Candy Kabobs for a family Halloween party and they were a big hit. No cooking is involved.

Do you love serving food in a jar with a spoon? It’s always fun to eat that way for a festive atmosphere. Make these delicious and fun to eat Halloween Brownie Parfaits. We added some orange candy sprinkles for fun.

What is Trunk or Treat? More answers about Trunk or Treat right here.

More Trunk or Treat Ideas. These pictures are all from my church event.

Toilet Paper Toss was one of the games at this Trunk or Treat event at my church.

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24 Not Too Scary Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas to DIY. Many of these links have even more Trunk or Treat Idea pictures for their Church event. #trunkortreat
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  1. Trunk or Treat is right around the corner! Thanks for sharing these fun ideas! Hope you are having a wonderful week Shirley! Pinning and stumbling to share!

  2. Hi Shirley! I JUST heard about Trunk or Treat for the first time this week (whaat?!), and I decided to Google it and your post came up! I was very excited b/c I recognized you as a blogger I follow, so just had to share that your post is appearing really high in Google searches. Woohoo! And also–great post as always! Such clever ideas!
    Well, Happy Halloween!
    Shana from Technotini.com

    1. Shana, thank you so much for sharing that with me. You made my day. I remember when I first heard of Trunk or Treat too. Now we go with the grand children every year. It’s so much fun!

  3. Wow! What fun and amazing decorations. So much thought and energy put into making them look great. Thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

    1. I really like the Colts one also! You can take that idea and put your own twist on it. The sports themes are fun one’s to me! So many people have such creative ideas, don’t they!!

  4. There’s a few ideas I haven’t seen before. We’ve always loved participating in Trunk or Treat! It’s so much fun for everyone – the adults and the kids!

    1. I completely agree, Trunk or Treat, especially when there is a Fall Festival attached are just so much fun!
      It was fun searching for new designs that weren’t so common. I like the old favorites too though! It’s fun to see the twist and creativity from each one.

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