13 Easy Paint Projects For Kids Stuck At Home

Look no further than your own home for free things laying around the house or in the yard for your kids to paint.

Kids painting on paper with water colors

You know how quick the kids start saying they are bored when they are home? Well let the kids paint things you can find for free around your home.

Our list of 13 free things to paint will help you save money and fix that boredom problem at the same time.


Use an old vinyl tablecloth to cover the table. You can exercise additional caution by covering the table cloth with papers or brown wrapping paper if you like.

Fill disposable plastic cups or repurpose plastic food containers about half way with water for brushes. Provide one for each child.

Place a couple of paper towels next to each child’s work space.

Place hand-wipes or wet wash cloths on the table for quick clean up.

Provide each child with an old t-shirt from your closet so it is over-sized and covers them well to prevent paint from getting on their clothes.

Be sure to use art paint which washes out with soap and water like my favorite brand you can find on Amazon right here or in craft supply stores.

Children painting pine cones

Now that you have your paint space set up, send the kids out on a scavenger hunt for things to paint! They can rob the recycle bin for a few of these items and search outside for even more.

You parents will have to provide things like paper plates, flower pots and picture frames. The dollar store is a good resource for cheap paintable flower pots, picture frames and even vases. If you need water colors and construction paper, you will find it there too!


  1. Rocks
  2. Flower Pots
  3. Picture Frames
  4. Cardboard boxes
  5. Jars
  6. Tin Cans
  7. Pine cones
  8. Paper plates
  9. Scrap wood
  10. Cardboard Tubes (paper towel, toilet paper, gift wrap)
  11. Construction paper
  12. Sticks
  13. Milk Cartons

We have lots more kids activities. Scroll down for a peep at a few.

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13 Free Things you can find around your house and yard for the kids to paint on. Printable list. #kidsactivity #grandmacamp

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13 Free Things you can find around your house and yard for the kids to paint on. Printable list. #kidsactivity #grandmacamp

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