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Grandma Camp Schedule & Chore Chart Printable

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This Grandma Camp schedule and Chore Chart allow you to fill in the blanks for your crew with the full day of activities, food, fellowship and fun you have planned.

My recommended Daily Camp Schedule includes a Morning routine, followed by lunch then nap time if the kids are young enough or quiet time for older children, afternoon activities, and end of day chores.

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See the Grandma Camp How To Guide

Printable camp schedule and chore chart

I have included a printable camp schedule as well as a printable chore chart. Both have blank slots for you to fill in the specifics for your own camp. Print as many copies as you like of each.

You will need to delegate cleanup duties among your campers based on their age and ability. Everyone should help out. That is part of the learning process when growing up.

Grandma Camp Orientation

Before getting into the schedule for the week on the first day, you need to let your campers know what to expect. They need to know any rules you plan to implement. They need to be made aware of the chore chart and what you expect from them during your Grandma Camp. You can do this during breakfast.


Always begin the day with a meal. The kids will already be moving slow in the morning during the summer so get them energized with breakfast.

Follow breakfast with an outdoor activity for the kids to enjoy a nice summer day. Save the water play time until after lunch and naps. Add cleaning up any toys from the yard to the chore chart.

Get the printable List of 50 Activities for Grandma Camp


Create a menu for your Grandma Camp schedule that the grandkids can help make. Allow the children to make the meal with supervision, if they are old enough to help. They are also in charge of clean up. Add making lunch and cleanup afterwards to the chore chart.

Kids making milk jug bird houses
Milk Jug Bird House Craft

Quiet Time

After lunch is quiet time. This means naps for the little campers and quiet activities for the older kids. See your list of 50 activities for ideas. Putting away blankets and pillows should go on the chore chart for after nap time.

My grandkids did not take a nap. They actually used their quiet time to practice cursive writing because it is not taught in our schools. They loved learning this useful writing and reading skill at our Grandma camp. One of them recently reminded me how they have been able to use that skill thanks to our camp. It made my heart smile.

Craft Time

Craft time is a favorite with all campers. While they are sleeping or doing their quiet activity, set up the day’s crafts. You can have the teenagers and preteens help out with this task.

Some crafts can be done in one sitting but I would encourage you to also do crafts that might need a couple of days to complete. This will help on the budget. Cleanup after craft time also goes on the chore chart.

DIY Water Tarp Game
DIY Water Tarp Game

Afternoon Activities

After crafts, we move right into the highlight of the day. Use this time for outdoor activities like water play, nature walks, bike riding or field trips. Make your plans in advance, especially for field trips and pencil it in on printable camp schedule (print link below) so you are ready each day.

There will be lots of wet beach towels, wet clothes, and maybe water guns to put away after water play. Add this to the chore chart and be sure to allow enough time for proper clean up at the end of the day.

If you go on a field trip, the chore chart for that day should have a space for cleaning out the vehicle after returning home.

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Print the Schedule and Chore Chart

I recommend that you print the schedule and chore charts in advance. Make your plans and fill them in. Stick them in a little notebook so you can keep up with them during your week of Grandma Camp. You can pull out the Chore chart and stick it on the refrigerator each day for the kids to follow. Print buttons are below.

Printable Camp Schedule

So there you have it. morning, lunch, quiet time, craft time and afternoon activities. The printable schedule has the hours with blank lines so you can fill in your agenda for each day of summer camp. Print as many copies as you need.

Printable Chore Chart for Grandma Camp

The printable chore chart also has blank spaces for you to fill in the name of your campers and the chores for the day. Print as many copies as you like.

Have fun!!

Grandma Camp Daily Schedule Planner.intelligentdomestications.com
Grandma Camp Daily Schedule printable
Print the schedule button
Grandma Camp Chore Chart printable
Grandma Camp Chore Chart printable
Print the chore chart button

The Grandma Camp schedule is not complicated. It’s a fun schedule filled with activities, crafts and food planned over the morning and afternoon. The kids will be busy all day and there is even a quiet time for rest.

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