30 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

  1. Visit the nearest big downtown area. (You can have lunch, look at architecture and historical buildings. Find a bench to do some people watching)
  2. Get Slushies at a gas station. (cheap fun with a friend)
  3. Star Gaze (completely free, lay in back of a pick up truck or on a blanket in the grass)
  4. Go berry picking. It’s strawberry and blueberry season. Give them to Mom, she will love it.
  5. Have a Lake Day with friends. Ahhhh, cooling off in the water. You get to show off your new swim suit.
  6. Go on a picnic
  7. Have a Cinema night. (Go to the movies or host a favorite movie at your house-set up a snack bar like this one)
  8. Have a bonfire with friends. Roast S’mores or not. Idle chatting around a bonfire makes memories.
  9. Watch fireworks.
  10. Go swimming. Do this on repeat as often as possible all summer long.
  11. Do Community Service. (you might need this for school credits anyway)
  12. Get a piercing
  13. Do a photo shoot with friends
  14. Go Thrifting. Take a friend, thrifting is fun.
  15. Earn some $$ (babysitting, mowing grass ect)
  16. Donate your old clothes. (Mom loves when you clean out your closet)
  17. Have a no phone day (C’mon, you can do it!!)
  18. Visit a museum (can be a sports museum too ya, know!)
  19. Delete an app on your phone
  20. Go on a Road Trip (free printable road trip car games)
  21. Make a photo wall for your bedroom
  22. Play board games with your family or friends (make a Championship belt)
  23. Make slime (we are never too old to have fun with slime)
  24. Go out to dinner (no fast food, a nice dinner with friends)
  25. Bake something (another opportunity to bond with Grandma)
  26. Host a sleepover (refer back to star gazing, something fun to do)
  27. Go on a shopping spree (you need back-to-school clothes, right?)
  28. Play mini-golf
  29. Visit a Theme park
  30. Watch a sun rise
Summer Bucket List for Teens
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