11 Unusual Uses For Eggs Plus 5 Baked Egg Recipes

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Brown and white eggs in a farmhouse style basket sitting on a porch floor next to a metal bucket of corn

There is a multitude of uses for eggs including the most obvious which is cooking with eggs.

Did you know you can actually bake eggs? Yep and of course I am going to share a few good recipes in which eggs are baked. But first let’s talk about uses for the egg shell! Don’t toss it!

You can use it for creating a sustainable lifestyle in many different ways. Some I have tried and others I plan to try.


A gallon milk jug filled with broken egg shells and water. It says Plant Water on the outside. Sitting on a table with a houseplant in the background


How To Make Eggshell Water To Feed Your Houseplants! I have been doing this for many years and it makes my houseplants beautiful.


Crush egg shells and spread around garden plants to ward off unwanted creatures -this is said to work well to deter Deer


Finely crushed egg shells worked into the soil will add calcium to your dirt


Add egg shells to your compost pile after crushing them which helps them to break down quicker

Seedlings growing in brown egg shells sitting in rich black dirt


Use egg shells for starting seeds in the spring. Carefully crack the egg near the top peak and pour out the egg. Now very carefully pull away just enough of the shell to leave about 2/3 of egg shell. Rinse it out. Place back into the egg carton. Add dirt and seeds. You have free sustainable gardening supplies!


Sharpen your blender blades! Save your egg shells in a ziploc bag in the freezer until you have enough. Dump them into the blender and cover with water. Run the blender until all of the shells are completely crushed. Pour this organic water onto your houseplants! They love it!


Make Christmas ornaments! We used to do this with our Mom. I so wish I still had even one of those ornaments! We poked a hole in both ends with a pin and blew out the egg in the larger hole. Then we rinsed and let the egg dry. Next we very carefully decorated the egg using glue and craft supplies.

a picture of lots of broken egg shells


Stain remover from Coffee thermos mug. Okay, I have yet to try this one but I plan to. You crush some egg shells, about 1/2 cup and add them to your stained mug which in our case is my husbands Yeti. Cover the crushed shells with hot water to fill the mug about one third of the way full. Close the lid and shake, shake, shake! Then wash as usual.

A wild Bird eating from a red ceramic dish on a patio


Feed the birds extra calcium. According to Birds & Blooms magazine here’s what you do. Rinse the egg shells good to remove all of the membrane inside. Crush in a food chopper. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 250° for about 10 minutes. Set the timer, you do not want burned egg shells in your kitchen! Let them cool and either spread them around on the ground or add them to your bird feeder.


How To Make DIY Faberge Eggs for home decor. A nice crafting project to do with the kiddos.

Broken egg shells made into candles sitting in a pretty decorated egg carton with tiny floral bouquets


Make into candles. Another one I have yet to do. Save the shell halves. Clean them and let them dry. Add melted wax with a wick and boom, you have a small candle. I think you would need a ceramic egg holder to be able to burn your candle. The egg carton might not be the safest place to burn a candle.

So there ya have it! 11 uses for eggs, their shells that is. These ideas will save you money on things like plant fertilizer and make you feel better about being able to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Now those baked egg recipe ideas

All of these recipes make a nice Christmas breakfast or Mother’s Day brunch addition.

Go put some paper in your printer, you are going to want to print some of these recipes to use later.

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Baked Egg Recipe Ideas

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