Best Bathroom Cleaning Products Used By This Cleaning Lady

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There are a plethora of bathroom cleaning products to choose from on the market today. You may prefer all natural or you may be using the same products your Mom used. I’m sharing the products we used in our cleaning business.

After owning a residential and commercial cleaning business for more than 20 years, I am often asked for cleaning tips and advice. Visit our Cleaning advice page for more tips.

Bathroom cleaning products used by the cleaning lady. Best bathroom cleaners used in our cleaning business. Best bathroom cleaners
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How we choose our products

When we first began our cleaning business in 1997, we went through a lot of trial and error to arrive at the products which we are loyal to now. We listened to our clients. We found ourselves doing some research on which products were safe for certain surfaces.

We want our bathroom cleaning products to do 3 things

  1. Kill germs
  2. Remove dirt, grime, soap scum, grease and stains
  3. Do a great job so I can use less product and less elbow grease
Bathroom cleaning products used by the cleaning lady. Best bathroom cleaners used in our cleaning business. Best bathroom cleaners

What are the best bathroom cleaning products

Soap Scum Remover

Scrub Free is a soap scum remover. We use it to clean tubs, shower walls and sinks. It is a spray foam so it’s non-abrasive and safe for most surfaces. It gets the job done with the first spray, no need to clean the same spot twice.

Shower Floor

The shower floor requires special attention to be properly maintained. We use Soft Scrub with bleach. It removes soap scum and disinfects at the same time.

Yes, we do use two separate cleaners in the shower; one for the walls and one for the floor. It is important to note that you must completely rinse away all of the Scrub Free from the walls prior to cleaning the floor with Soft Scrub so that you can enjoy maximum suds from the Soft Scrub.

I also keep Ajax or Comet on hand to give my shower floor a good scrubbing from time to time. Momma always kept both also. I lather it up and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing. The shower floor just sparkles and I love that!


Most of the time, Clorox Clean-up is our preferred cleaner for counters. Clorox Clean-up not only kills germs but when people wait too long between bathroom cleanings, sink drains will become pink or even black. Clorox Clean-up will remove that moldy stuff quickly and easily. 

We are all about killing germs while cleaning. Sometimes for larger bathrooms I will run water in the sink and add some liquid Lysol All Purpose. Then I just dip my cleaning cloth in the water, wring it out wipe surfaces, repeat. I also mop floors with Lysol All Purpose cleaner. 


Clorox Clean-Up is also perfect for the seat and exterior of the toilet. Soft Scrub works well inside the toilet bowl. Both kill 99.9% germs.


Windex is our preferred glass cleaner. You can buy Windex Multi-Purpose which is economical because you can also use it on other surfaces around the house.

My favorite bathroom cleaning products

Scrub Free, Soft Scrub, Clorox Clean-Up, and  Lysol All Purpose cleaner are our favorite bathroom cleaning products. They get the job done and kill germs at the same time. I use these products in my own home.  

Why not use vinegar and water

Why do we not use vinegar and water to clean our home? Simply because vinegar does not kill germs nor does it remove dirt and grime. We do use vinegar and baking soda to freshen drains.

I’ll share a customer story about cleaning with vinegar. At her request, we mopped every floor in this giant three story house using only vinegar in the mop bucket diluted with water. The mop water never got dirty. Mop water should get dirty because you are removing dirt from the floors! We knew the vinegar was not cleaning her floors but we did as the customer requested. Several years into our relationship she contacted me to make a change in her floor cleaning. These good folks owned a very busy carpet cleaning franchise. Their home company was expanding into cleaning hard surface flooring. The attended the training and found out that vinegar does not clean floors. As soon as we began to use Lysol All Purpose cleaner to mop her floors, the mop water became dirty and I was delighted to know I was finally removing dirt from their floors!

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Two Important Cleaning Tips for your bathroom

  • Allow the product to do the majority of the work for you. Don’t keep scrubbing beyond the time needed. Work smarter, not harder.
  • Realize that grime which accumulated over time will also take time to remove. This is especially true for tubs and showers which have not been properly maintained. Allowing soap scum to build up over time will create extra work.
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Bathroom cleaning products used by the cleaning lady. Best bathroom cleaners used in our cleaning business. Best bathroom cleaners

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  1. I am a Lysol disinfectant fan, something about their promise to kill germs appeals to me. I don’t like the harsh shower cleaners because they can make you ill if it’s not ventilated properly and showers are closed in space.

    I totally agree that vinegar and water just are not enough, there needs to be water and it needs to get dirty lol. At least in my mind.

  2. Scrub Free is one of my all time favorite products.I have found that the best place to purchase it for the best price is at Dollar General. Thank you I hope you have a great day!

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