How To Speed Clean Your Home Like A Pro

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Speed Cleaning Tray stocked

Cleaning Tray with handle stocked with cleaning supplies

  • Cleaning tray with a handle
  • Cleaning tray stocked with; duster, dusting cloth and furniture polish, paper towels for cleaning mirrors, window cleaner and a trash bag for emptying trash cans

I like the Swiffer duster because it captures the dust rather than moving it around.

You will also need

  • An empty laundry basket to toss clutter into
  • Sit the trash bag outside of the door of the room you are working in to keep it out of your way. Toss any trash you collect from each room. Empty the dust pan into it after you sweep.
  • No answering the phone
  • No texting
  • No TV
  • No conversations (when they try to talk to you, give them a cleaning task ~wink)
  • No stopping to change loads in the laundry (this is house cleaning, not laundry day)
  • No social media
  • in other words absolutely NO INTERRUPTIONS
  • Tackle each room beginning on one side and working your way around the room back to where you began.
  • Remember to keep your Speed Cleaning Kit right next to you along the way.
  • Always start at the top and work your way down and around the room.
Printable checklist for Spring cleaning your home

There are a couple of different things  you can do to deal with clutter on speed cleaning day.

  • Drag a laundry basket along with you and toss all clutter into the basket. THEN, require everyone to fetch their possessions and put them away before they are allowed to eat again. (that seems harsh, doesn’t it!)
  • Sit the clutter filled laundry basket in the laundry room and close the door. 
  • There is no magic cure for clutter. Best practice is to not let it happen. Use the laundry basket tip to containerize it all on speed cleaning day. Put that trash bag to good use too!
  • Make the beds. Unmade beds make a room look messy and cluttered
  • Straighten sofa throw pillows for a neater room
  • Toss all pet toys into a bin like this one for neat storage

Also see; How To Keep Your Dish Cloth Stink and Stain Free

Neat and clean kitchen

Keep these disposable counter wipes on hand for quickly wiping down the kitchen.

  • Unload and reload the dishwasher
  • Anything that doesn’t go in the dishwasher needs to be hand washed and stacked to dry next to the sink
  • Clear the counters of clutter
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Take out the trash
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor last
Clear the bathroom clutter quickly
  • Put away any clutter quickly. it’s not the time to ‘clean-out’
  • Toss dirty towels into the laundry hamper
  • Clean the toothpaste splatter off the mirror but don’t slow down to clean the whole mirror
  • Wipe down the counter and inside of the sink using those disposable counter wipes mentioned above.
  • My quick way to clean inside of the toilet bowl is this: Remove the lid from the tank, flush and when the water gets low, pour in a small amount of bleach. Allow the tank to refill then flush again. The bleach water will run down inside of the bowl and do the work for you. Allow it to sit for a bit then flush again. This is speed cleaning folks, not deep cleaning. You still need to properly clean the toilet when you have more time. Use those disposable wipes to wipe down the outside of the toilet.
  • We are not cleaning the shower or tub today because we are speed cleaning our house so we can go do something fun
  • Empty the trash
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor

More House Cleaning Tips

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  1. Make less steps by carrying your speed cleaning tray with you from room to room.
  2. No interruptions!
  3. Begin near your front door and work your way back to the front door going room by room
  4. Move methodically around the room from top to bottom. Keep your speed cleaning kit next to you
  5. Carry a laundry basket along the way to collect clutter
  6. Keep a large trash bag right outside of the door of each room
  7. Do not deep clean the kitchen or bathrooms. Use those handy disposable wipes for quick cleaning
  8. Do the floors last
  9. When you are done, you can take that trash bag out. Put the cleaning tray away and enjoy your nice clean house!

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