How To Speed Clean Your Home Like A Pro

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Yes, you can speed clean your home. What is speed cleaning you ask? I would describe speed cleaning as tidying up your home quickly while accomplishing basic cleaning chores. There are a several key factors involved. 

After owning a residential and commercial cleaning business for more than 18 years, I enjoy sharing easy tips and tricks we have learned though experience.
How to speed clean a room. Speed cleaning tips for your home. Speed Cleaning Tips from A Pro. How to speed clean
First things first.  Assemble all of your cleaning products and tools into a carrying tray.
A substantial key factor to speed cleaning is to make fewer steps during the process. We must cut out all of that dreadful walking back and forth through the house. Although the exercise is great, the waste of time is not.
  • Assemble all of your cleaning products into a carrying tray with a handle.
  • Carry your cleaning tray with you from room to room and always keep it next to you for easy reach.

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Second key factor is No Interruptions.

  • No answering the phone, no texting, no TV, no conversations, no stopping to change loads in the laundry (this is house cleaning, not laundry day), no social media,  in other words absolutely NO INTERRUPTIONS.
Third, start at the front door of your home and go room by room.
How to speed clean a room. Speed cleaning tips for your home. Speed Cleaning Tips from A Pro. How to speed clean
  • Tackle each room beginning on one side and work your way around the room back to where you began. Remember to keep your Speed Cleaning Kit right next to you along the way. Always start at the top and work your way down and around the room.


How to speed clean a room. Speed cleaning tips for your home. Speed Cleaning Tips from A Pro. How to speed clean

There are a couple of different things  you can do to deal with clutter on speed cleaning day.

  • Drag a laundry basket along with you and toss all clutter into the basket. THEN, require everyone to fetch their possessions and put them away before they are allowed to eat again. (that seems harsh, doesn’t it!)
  • Sit the clutter filled laundry basket in the laundry room and close the door. 
  • There is no magic cure for clutter. Best practice is to not let it happen. Use the laundry basket tip to containerize it all on speed cleaning day. Put that trash bag to good use too!

Trash management will be necessary so keep a large trash bag sitting just outside the door of the room you are working in.  You will carry it from one room to the next to empty small trash cans into. Be sure to keep small bags with you to refill the cans as you empty them.

Floors are last

How to speed clean a room. Speed cleaning tips for your home. Speed Cleaning Tips from A Pro. How to speed clean

We are Speed Cleaning, not deep cleaning so no mopping but you simply must sweep and vacuum. Do the floors last in each room as you work your way through the house. Begin at the far end of the room and work your way out backwards. 

Put away your cleaning supplies and relax! You deserve to relax!

In a nutshell

  1. Make less steps by carrying your speed cleaning tray with you from room to room.
  2. No interruptions!
  3. Begin near your front door and move methodically around the room from top to bottom. Keep your speed cleaning kit next to you.
  4. Carry a laundry basket along the way to collect clutter.
  5. Keep a large trash bag right outside of the door of each room.
  6. Do the floors last.
  7. When you are done, you can take that trash bag out. Put the cleaning tray away and enjoy your nice clean house!

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How To Speed Clean Your Home the way the pro's do. Speed Cleaning tips and tricks for your home. #homecleaning

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  1. Sounds like a great plan – lots of really good ideas. So what time would you like to stop by hahahahaha! I like the idea of the basket to toss all the clutter in. When my kids were home, I would get so frustrated I would literally toss everything on the floor in their rooms in a big trash bag and give them one week to sort through it and put stuff away or it was going straight to Goodwill lol.

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