Tips For Giving Your Guest Bath A Fancy Hotel Feel

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What is the first room in your home you think you need to spruce up when guests are coming? We have a few easy tips for giving your guest bath a fancy hotel feel.

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Will you have guests in your home during the holiday season? Many of us will and some of those will be overnight guests. Doesn’t it seem to make your home feel even more warm and cozy to have guests during the holidays!

If you are anything like me, the guest bath gets extra attention in preparation for guests. I get excited about doing a little holiday decor update. So let’s get started.

First give the bathroom a good cleaning. Our guests bath is very small with a tiny little cabinet so organization is key which means cut the clutter.

This was my situation as I began to clean our little guest bath! I have no idea how this happens! Things just seem to migrate in there. You would think that bathroom would be super clean with all those cleaning supplies in there too! What is missing from this cabinet?

Once my cleaning was done, I planned a trip to Target. I have always enjoyed shopping at Target, especially in the home decor department. I know that area by heart in my store, do you? 

The very first thing on my shopping list for the guest bath is Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Plush® Mega Rolls. It’s our brand and there is currently a Target Cartwheel offer  for 10% off! I loaded the offer to my Cartwheel app and headed out the door!

That empty spot on the shelf at my Target is where the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls would be but apparently everyone knows about the Cartwheel offer and purchased all of those first. The Mega rolls are larger and lasts longer which gives me peace of mind knowing my guests won’t have to deal with empty rolls.

After adding Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Plush® Mega Rolls to my shopping cart, I picked up some pretty new holiday print hand towels and a red with white polka dots rug. My Momma never let us actually use the nice pretty holiday hand towels, did yours?  “Those are just for looking at”, she would say.

Now that the guest bath is nice and clean and I’ve stocked up on Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Plush® Mega Rolls along with my new decor, I’m ready to prepare the space.

Our little cabinet looks much better now that it is organized with only the necessities. Our guests will not run out of Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Plush® Mega Rolls! Now let’s move on to adding a few of those fancy hotel touches I mentioned.

One of those personal touches is an under the counter space for guests to place their personal items. The toilet paper basket we used will slide back making ample space.

Install a fresh roll of toilet paper and give it that fancy looking ‘V’ fold just like you find in hotels. It’s really easy. Simply fold the two corners under creating a point.

Go the extra mile by giving your towels a hotel touch with an easy fold and tuck in either a gift or a decor item like these gold Christmas balls. See the video below for the easy fold I used. 

The focal decor in our home this holiday season is red and gold ornaments so it was fun to carry our theme into guest bath. 

You know those nice cotton cloth napkins you only use once or twice a year? Roll them and leave them in the guest bath this holiday season for hand drying. It’s a simple fold and I’ll show you how in a quick video below.

Our family will be here for a party later in the season. They will recognize our Santa napkin  holder from their Granny’s Christmas decor. His gold rim fits perfect into our theme. The Red & Gold Poinsettia wreath was a fun craft project here.

A few small updates to our guest bath helped to create a mega impact this holiday season!

Download or Print our free checklist for How to Give Your Guest Bath A Fancy Hotel Feel

Find more Quilted Northern inspiration here with ideas for your bathroom update.

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  1. Great tips, I also light a candle with a nice scent for added decorations and to keep my bathroom smelling nice.

  2. The bathroom is definitely the first place I look to clean and prepare before any guests arrive at my home and ensuring it’s nice and cleans with awesome products is always a goal of mine

  3. I like folding the toilet paper with the little “v” as well – just adds that little touch of elegance… well as elegant as you can get with TP! these are all great tips.

  4. These are great tips for giving the guest bathroom a fancy hotel feel. I love the idea of folding the toilet paper and using the Christmas bells to wrap the towels. The Christmas wreath in the bathroom looks gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  5. I am always trying to make sure my guest bathroom looks nice before anyone comes over. This checklist makes it easy!

  6. I love what you did to your bathroom! The decoration in there makes it look so fancy! My parents just came into town and I wish I decorate the bathroom like you did here. You definitely know how display your guests.

  7. Now to get myself a guest bathroom 😉 I am loving your tips. We use Quilted Northern all the time in our house.

  8. Great tips! While I don’t have a guest bath, I do have a bath downstairs that guest use and I could use some of these tips! Especially, making sure that I have a soft comfortable toilet paper!

  9. I love Cartwheel, it had saved me so much money at Target! Thanks for sharing the towel tutorial. I love the little bells on there. Everything looks ready for Holiday guests!

  10. I always enjoy finding that fancy little V-fold on the TP when I’m in a hotel. It lets me know the bath has been cleaned and ready for guests. My dad will be coming to visit soon and I need to make sure my makeup is organized and out of his way. I usually do my makeup and hair in the guest bathroom and that way my husband and I have our own bathrooms. 🙂 I love the video and you truly got the hotel look nailed!

  11. The bathroom looks so Christmas ready Shirley! I enjoyed your video tutorials. We have quilted Northern and Target is the place to buy it of course!!!

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