When Is The Right Time To Tell Your Child That You Have Cancer?

I was stopped in my tracks when I read that title, When Is The Right Time To Tell Your Child That You Have Cancer? 

Several thoughts came to mind, I was with my mother when she got that final cancer diagnosis.

I remember a young mother in church, a long time ago, who had to tell her little girl that she had cancer and wasn’t going to continue to live. The Dad insisted that the child should hear those words from her mother. She was really too young to get a good grasp but it did seem to help her in that moment when her mother was gone, because Momma had told her to expect it.

A flood of emotions occur when cancer strikes a parent. I went though it with my own mother, 3 times. I have not written about that last experience with Momma but I may feel more inclined to do so after I read what Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures was gracious enough to share about her experience. I really appreciate Natasha’s honesty about her feelings.

Please go here to read Natasha’s post, When Is The Right Time To Tell Your Child That You Have Cancer?

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my story, Shirley. I felt the need to be honest with my emotions, instead of feeling like I should only think a certain way or feel a certain way. It’s amazing the overwhelming response that this post has had, and the number of people that are sharing their own stories because of it. I didn’t expect it, but I truly appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. Man, that is a difficult subject 🙁 I couldn’t imagine having that conversation, but I think it the long run, it would be better for the child to hear it directly from the parent. I will never forget when my mom told me. I was 24 and it was a surreal conversation.

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