My Work From Home Essentials

As a blogger, I work from home which means over the last few years through necessity, I have determined a number of home office essentials I need for a successful work day.

My Work From Home Essentials. Things I Use in my home officeto make working from home easier

Because I am a blogger, when we were house hunting a few years ago we purposely looked for an extra bedroom to become my work from home space. My home office doubles as my craft room.

It is now equipped with a small desk with a couple of drawers, and a comfortable chair. But the most important piece of office equipment at my desk is the foot rest! I have two foot rests, one for my desk and one for my crafting work table.

See this foot rest on Amazon. (affiliate link) It is under $30 and a great relief to your back!

Essential electronics needed to work from home. No matter if you are teleworking or are setting up a home office. These are the things we use to work from home. #telework #homeoffice

Laptop or Desktop

For me it’s a laptop because it is mobile. By working from home I have the luxury of working in almost any room in the house. Using a laptop allows me to be mobile and I love that. Plus you can pack it up and take it with you on trips. Bloggers work even on vacation.

It is possible when working from home that circumstances may arise which would force you to relocate to another room for the quiet when others are also home.

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The benefit of a desktop is that you can shut it down and walk away, not take your work with you into the rest of the house. If you are that disciplined, I salute you!

I do have a second monitor which is frankly fabulous and I don’t even know how I got by without it before. It allows me to work on detailed projects when I have many windows open at once.

Electronic Accessory Must Haves

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These are the electronic accessory items I use almost daily. I don’t shred papers daily but all of the rest of these accessories are genuine necessities for my work day.

Essential electronics needed to work from home. No matter if you are teleworking or are setting up a home office. These are the things we use to work from home. #telework #homeoffice
Two monitors

Location, Location, Location

It is best to have a designated work space which anyone else at home during your work day knows to respect.

As I mentioned, I do have a home office but do not always elect to spend my entire day in it. Sometimes I work at the kitchen table or a comfortable chair in my bedroom using a portable adjustable tray table for my laptop.

Small Children or Pets

If you have small children at home, that is a game changer. Best case is a babysitter during your work day.

Our children are grown but we have big puppies who require a lot of attention. My day currently depends on how good or not so good our puppies are behaving. If I need to stay in the room with them, the kitchen table is my desk. I look forward to two things with the puppies during my work day; their nap time and their outdoor play time!

My work day is successful because I have equipped my home work space with the electronic accessories and equipment I need to accomplish my work goals and because I have a designated work area.

I hope you have found my list to be helpful as you plan your own home work space.

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