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I started face waxing at home when my husband and I started the Dave Ramsey Every Dollar Budget. Sure, it is a lot more fun to go to the salon and have it done but saving money always wins in the end on a tight budget!

These are the products I use to do my own face waxing at home. They are much not expensive and will last a long time which helps save on the salon budget. #facewax

Part of managing household expenses includes creative salon visit cut backs. For my home that meant I went back to doing my own face waxing at home again. 

Unwanted facial hair on a woman will keep us searching for solutions. That is why you are here right now.  I hope by sharing my experience, it in some way encourages you to know you are not alone and that the struggle is shared. 

When the problem first appeared, years ago I went out and purchased a face wax kit. Over time I made the decision to try laser hair removal treatment which was a disappointment. After laser I tried salon waxing which is my personal favorite but without a money tree in the back yard, I am back to doing my own waxing. 


In the beginning, the treatments are every two weeks. After some time they are supposed to be more spread out. That was not the case for me. I did Laser treatments for one entire year.

I chose to get laser hair removal at a dermatologist office. In my mind the fact that it was in a doctor’s office somehow made it more official and worth while. As it turned out I never once saw or even met the doctor. 

My first laser tech had an accident and missed work for about six weeks. During that time they did not have anyone who could take her clients. Therefore when she returned to work, it was like starting over again from the beginning with facial hair removal. 

The idea with laser hair removal is that the hair roots will die and eventually over time, all unwanted hair will be gone and not come back. Apparently there are different levels of treatment on the machine so that after some time, the machine will be turned up a notch or two until the process is complete. 

My first laser tech never turned up the machine and we made precious little progress. She eventually quit her job and the new laser tech was fabulous. I loved her and miss her sweet personality. Unfortunately she inherited me with a bit of a negative attitude that my results were not worth the process or the money. I continued to go to my appointments until one year was up. 

…a year later

I spent a year and a whole lot of money which in my opinion was a big waste. Laser hair removal is not something I recommend because after doing it for an entire year, I saw no noticeable results.

At least I know that laser is in fact not a permanent solution to the facial hair problem for me.  If I had never done it, I would not have known that.

Laser was only slightly painful in my opinion. It stings more than it hurts. Your face will be red for a while, an hour or less probably. Lotion helps.


I knew there was an esthetician at my hair salon but had never met her. I made an appointment and began to look forward to the next chapter. Everyone loves an adventure ya know! Let’s call this quest for facial hair removal an adventure just for the fun of it!

The good news is that facial waxing does work to permanently remove unwanted facial hair. The bad news is that apparently it takes forever. But let’s not focus on the bad news because there IS good news!

My upper lip hair is almost completely gone! Yay! Lots of waxing and repeat waxing has worked for me. 

My esthetician explained to me that the bazillions of hairs all have their own growth cycle which is why three days after waxing, you will see more hair. It isn’t the same hair. It’s their unwanted black sheep in the family showing up uninvited.

How often you wax at a salon depends on how deep your pockets are. For me the first wax and about once every six weeks after was full price. After that she only charged for the Hair No More which I would take home and use for two days after each visit. You can find Hair No More on Amazon right here (affiliate link) I liked the product and do feel like it helped but it caused me to have acne.


When my husband and I decided to participate in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class at our church we began our Every Dollar Budget designed to become debt free. That meant cut-backs and my salon waxing got cut. Not all is lost because I still have my home facial hair waxing supplies and put them back to work!

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Here is my list of the basic necessities of Waxing products I am currently using. These are affiliate links from our sponsors. I am sharing both Walmart and Amazon links for those of you who may prefer one source over the other and so you can price compare as prices change so often. As of this writing, Walmart was cheaper on the Warmer pot but only by about .7 cent.

This is the small Facial Wax Warmer I use at home. I am also sharing all of the products I use to do my own facial wax at home. #homefacewax

The Gigi Warmer comes in multiple sizes. Mine is small and has a simple on/off switch. It heats up the wax very quickly. I use the Honee Wax in the Gigi brand as it comes in a pot which sits down inside of the warmer. When not in use and after it cools, I replace the plastic lid and store it away until ready to use again.

Gigi Wax Warmer (Walmart)
Gigi Wax Warmer (Amazon)

Gigi All Purpose Honee Wax 8 oz (Walmart)!! Be sure to order the correct size wax for the size pot you have!!)
GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax 8 oz (Amazon)

Gigi Natural Muslin Strips  (Walmart)
Non-Woven Wax Strips (Amazon)

Gigi Wax Applicator Sticks (Walmart)
Gigi Wax Applicator Sticks (Amazon) 

You will also need and after wax oil. There are many brands. I am currently using an Argon Oil which I had on hand and it is working just fine for me. I apply it with a small make up sponge wedge to remove the excess wax from my face. 
Home facial waxing supplies. Applicator sticks, muslin strips and oil applicator.
Wax strips, applicator sticks and wedge sponge

The initial investment in supplies to do your own facial hair waxing at home is not a whole lot. It saves a lot of money over time to do it yourself.

List of Supplies

  • Warmer pot
  • Wax
  • Wax strips
  • Applicator sticks
  • Oil

One more thing you will want to have on hand is a women’s electric shaver for the face like this. Occasions will pop up when it is time to wax but something happens and you need to leave the house. I have been known to put my recharable shaver in a ziploc bag and take it with me. It is not beneath me to sit in my car and shave my face if I feel like I need to!


Don’t forget the tweezers. A good pair of tweezers is a must. For me a moment of excitement occurs when I happen to pluck a facial hair with the root intact using my tweezers! That one is gone forever!

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My experience with facial hair removal including the products I use for face waxing at home. #facewaxing

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