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Dollar Store Décor Fall Copper Vase

My Dollar Store Décor Fall Copper Vase is super easy to make, no glue required and budget friendly.

Dollar Store Copper Fall Vase 1.intelligentdomestications.com

I have been waiting on an opportunity to repurpose a metal pot scrubber into a craft project. It has invaded my thoughts for months now! Fall provided the perfect opportunity to incorporate the copper scrubber with the orange tones in our mantle décor.


  • Glass vase
  • Candle
  • Popping Corn
  • Empty toilet paper tube
  • Duck tape
  • Copper pot scrubber
  • Ribbon

The copper pot scrubbers and the glass vase are Dollar store finds! The candle has been in my home for many years and still smells delicious when it is burning. I purchased the popping corn from the grocery store because I couldn’t find it at the Dollar store. Pull a roller out of a tube of toilet paper = free! My ribbon was a yard sale find for .50¢ which has been in my stash for quite a while! I used tape we already had, the gray kind is fine for this project, because it won’t show.

Total cost is under $5!

Supplies for Dollar Store Fall Vase

Wrap the toilet paper tube with Duck Tape to seal off both ends. The tube serves as a filler in the center so you won’t need as much popping corn.

Place the tube inside the vase and center it.

Pour the popping corn around the tube. The depth of the popping corn will depend on how high you wish your candles to protrude from the top of the vase. If you are doing matching vases, sit them side by side to compare the depth of the popping corn so the candle heights match.

Copper pot scrubber deconstructed

Deconstruct the copper scrubber. Be gentle and patient. It will tear easily. Don’t worry if you get a small tear as you can hide it with the ribbon placement. Begin by pulling the center apart. Then gently roll it out until it looks like the third photo.

Gently pull the deconstructed copper scrubber over your vase. I did not glue it into place. I may wish to reuse the vases with different décor in the future. This design is specifically for this years Fall mantle décor. I will deconstruct the vase after the season and put everything away until next time.

Tie the ribbon around the vase , set your candles into place and you are finished!

Dollar Store Copper Fall Vase.intelligentdomestications.com

We have been purchasing pumpkins over the years to add to our Fall décor. I was in the mood for the shimmery pumpkin this year which fits perfectly with my new Fall Copper Vase!

Dollar Store Fall Decor Copper Vase.intelligentdomestications.com

Do you enjoy Dollar Store crafts as much as I do?  We are still enjoying our Scarecrow Candy Corn Centerpiece Dollar Store craft I made last year.

Fall Centerpiece created for the Dollar Store Fall Decor Challenge by intelligentdomestications.com


Stay tuned as I will be revealing all of my Fall craft projects in the next few days ending with sharing our Fall mantlescape for this year. I’ve been repurposing and ironing and even broke out the Mod Podge! I can’t wait to show you!

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