How I Made These Burp Cloths and Bibs

How I Made Bibs & Burp Cloths

Learning to sew burp cloths and bibs is a beginner sewing project for me. Because I am learning to sew and a family member is expecting a baby, I thought I would make some easy DIY Burp Cloths and Bibs. It did turn out to be a good beginner sewing project and I was pleased with the results.

Bibs and burp cloths plus a bib and burp cloth pattern

Pinterest first!

First things first, like all good DIYers, head on over to Pinterest and find some free printable patterns and videos tutorials, right! This post is where I found the burp cloth video. She shows you how to make your own pattern for the burp cloth which is rounded to fit on Mom’s shoulder. Here is where I found a free bib pattern to download.


More Easy Sewing Projects

How To Sew Envelope Pillow Covers was one of my first easy sewing project after starting my journey to learn to sew.

Little Girl’s Ruffled Bandana Halter Top. This one was fun using a bandana to make a summer top for my little granddaughter.

Making Felt Play Food Bacon and Eggs Sunny Side Up. Another beginner sewing project I made for my little niece and nephew.

Velvet Pumpkins. These are actually sewn by hand. You could have to make yourself stop making these because they are so easy you will just keep on making them.

Fall Vignette Craft Projects I made for my daughter’s home. The table runner was an easy beginner sewing project. I made it to fit a dining buffet in my daughters home.

Sew Your Own Fabric Christmas Bell Ornament. This one uses a pattern but I promise it isn’t hard, or I wouldn’t have done it.

I have to include a sewing project which is more complicated. This Super Mom Apron taught me a lesson about sewing. 

Bib & Burp cloth patterns

Making The Burp Cloth Pattern

I used a box from the kitchen which I took apart to make the burp cloth pattern. The bib pattern I simply printed on regular copy paper. I placed both fabrics together and cut out both at one time so the cuts would be the same.

Notice the fold in the burp cloth pattern. I folded the cardboard in half before cutting so both ends would match.

Finished bibs and burp cloths

Now it’s just a matter of sewing them together after cutting them out. Always sew right sides together. Leave an opening unsewn so you can turn the item right side out. Press it, then sew up the opening.

Edge stitching

I’m still getting to know my sewing machine, a Singer Patchwork, which has lots of cute stitches. I decided to do some fun stiches around the edges as a bit of a finished look. You use a LOT of thread when doing these fun stitches, especially on the bobbin.

Front and back of burp cloth

I selected a gray chevron cotton fabric for the backing to match the chevron pattern on the elephants. If you notice that some of the elephants have an ‘x’ pattern, that is why I used that ‘x’ stitch for the edging.

Finished burp cloths.intelligentdomestications.com

Fleece and Cotton Fabric

The elephant pattern fabric is a soft fleece, perfect for the soft skin on a precious little baby.

The backing is a soft cotton fabric. 

two blue bibs

Because I completely forgot to purchase some white Velcro for the closure, I used the black Velcro which I already had. I have since purchased some in white which would be much nicer to use for baby bibs. I made the second bib squared off just for the fun of it. Sewing in a square is much easier than turning those curves!

Front & back of my first burp cloth sewing project

Trial run making a burp cloth

I recommend a practice bib or burp cloth before you use your pretty fabic.

My practice burp cloth was made using a fat quarter from my stash. The back is actually an old towel which I cut up for this purpose.

A word of caution, cutting up a towel will create a flood of ‘snow’ on your floors! So thankful for whoever invented the vacuum cleaner! I went ahead and gave these to my niece explaining they were my learning tree. She actually loves them because of the terry cloth back!

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  1. This looks so cute! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for taking the time to party with us. We hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. It wouldn’t be a party without you! Lou Lou Girls

  2. LOVE!!! Elephants are super cute and the decorative edge is perfect. Nice job! I have my first grandbaby coming in June so I’m thinking I’ll do something JUST like this.

    1. How exciting for you! I have 7 grandchildren so I know how exciting they are! Thanks for your kind words. These are really easy to make and shopping for the fabric is so much fun!

  3. You know I have a little baby boy right..lol..Send some my way. They are beautiful! For someone who is learning to sew – I’d say you did an awesome job!

  4. You did an amazing job, Shirley! I’m very impressed and I love the fabric you used to create the burp cloths and bibs. I know your niece will enjoy them even more knowing they were lovingly stitched by you. Great job! (I’m now feeling a little blue because I have not used my sewing machine yet – the one I received for Christmas BEFORE last). Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. It took me 3 or 4 days to learn how to thread the machine when I first got it last year. I haven’t made a whole lot with it yet but when I do, it is so much fun! Thanks for your kind words.

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