DIY Wall Decor Ideas Simple and Affordable

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6 Simple & Affordable DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Meet my friend Rita Joy from Harbour Breeze Home. Today she will be sharing with us some very affordable DIY Wall Decor Ideas we can all benefit from.

It’s an absolute joy and honor to be guest posting  here on my friend Shirley’s blog today. I’m Rita Joy and I’m a home decor and lifestyle blogger at Harbour Breeze Home.

One of my very favorite things to do and share on my blog are thrifty DIY home decor projects.

After living in numerous “fixer upper” homes and experimenting with lots of ideas on a tight budget, I’ve learned that adding personality to our homes through decor doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Today, I want to show you six very affordable DIY Wall Decor Ideas that won’t break the bank and are simple to do, too.

A set of wall shelves filled with decor hanging over a buffet

Hang Some Simple DIY Wall Shelves

One thing I’ve learned since downsizing and moving into a smaller home is that shelves are one of my best friends.

They serve 3 purposes. They add interest to a boring wall, provide a place for pretty decor, AND are helpful for storage.

These Joanna Gaines inspired farmhouse style shelves were super easy to make! And these 10 foot long DIY floating shelves cost less than $20!

Other Frugal DIY Home Decor Ideas:

A quick and easy solution for an outdoor table is this DIY Wire Basket Outdoor Table I made for some porch sitting and sipping on my ice cold peach tea in the summer.

Use our easy trick when decorating for the holidays for an Easy Way To Hang Outside Window Wreaths.

It isn’t really that quick but it sure is easy to make Painted Pine Cones for decor like I did these in Spring colors. Then I displayed them in a Two Tier Tray as a tabletop centerpiece. 

We solved a side table problem in our living room by Turning A Stool Into A Side Table. Our sofa arms were up really high and a normal side table would’t work for us.

Storage space in my craft room became an issue so I made this DIY Framed Pegboard for wall storage and love how it turned out. That was several years ago and it is still helping me out now.

A gallery wall of pictures and other wall decor  behind a sofa

Create Gallery Wall Decor Using Free Printables

Free printable art prints are one of my favorite budget friendly decor tricks. Use your home printer to create frugal but expensive looking art for your wall decor.

For a cohesive end result that doesn’t look messy, use frames that are all in the same color tone. It will make the overall look seem cohesive even in the frames are different sizes.

If you’d like to get started using free printables, here is a resource with over 100 botanical printables in sets – perfect for a gallery wall!

Want to try this but don’t know how to get the pictures in the right spot? This simple trick for how to hang a gallery wall  makes it super easy!

Supplies for hanging wall art next to a picture

Mount A Photo, Poster, or Print On Foam Board

Customize any size art and get it up on the wall by simply mounting it on foam board. It’s easy, inexpensive, and just requires a few supplies. Click here for the simple step by step tutorial.

2 Farmhouse art prints hung in DIY picture frames



These simple DIY picture frames are a great – and cheap!- option for hanging large art or posters.


DIY A Picture Frame

Have some rolled up art prints or posters in a closet you’ve never gotten around to hanging up? Craft a super simple DIY picture frame with 1 x 2 boards and get them on a wall quick.

Home decor displayed on a piece of furniture and on the wall behind it

Hang An Engineer Print

See that big family picture up there? It’s actually an engineer print that was printed at a Staples store.  An engineer print is a large scale print printed on thin paper (like copy paper) and is super affordable. This one cost less than $3!

To learn how to frame an engineer print, click here.

I also made a pretty free watercolor floral printable that works well as an engineer print, too.

A framed print lying on a table

Frame A Book Page for Wall Decor

And, for the easiest DIY wall art of all? Look no further than a favorite picture in a book or magazine. Mount it with a piece of fabric behind and voila!- Instant “art”.

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A person hanging wall art

Best Picture Hanging Hack Ever!!

Now that you have all this wonderful DIY wall art completed, you’ll need to hang it on the wall. After experimenting with lots of options (and the resulting many holes in the wall), I discovered a easy trick for how to hang pictures on a wall. It makes the task so easy.

Didn’t I tell you Rita Joy has good affordable Wall Decor ideas! I need to get started working on several of these now. I especially like the framed book page idea!
Get connected with Rita at her blog, Harbour Breeze Home.

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Six Simple and Affordable Wall Decor Ideas you can DIY in no time. Decorate your walls without spending a fortune. Minimal skills required to create beautiful home decor you can enjoy. #diywalldecor #DIYHome

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