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DIY Solar Chandelier

We have repurposed an old electric wagon wheel chandelier into this beautiful and functional Solar Porch Chandelier!

DIY Solar Chandelier.intelligentdomestications.com #DIYSolarLighting

Projects are always fun from the planning to the doing and then the viewing!

Our front porch makeover project is a multi-step process with small projects built into it. The first part to be completed is the part I’m sharing today, The Solar Powered Chandelier Makeover.

The inspiration for our outdoor chandelier came from 2 places. This first one was this outdoor chandelier we saw on a Secret Garden Stroll back in the spring. Our second inspiration came from an outdoor chandelier we saw for sale at a local marketplace event, also back in the spring. The vendor had used tea cups to create little planters from which were hanging ivy vines. I have one very similar to it on my Yard & Garden Pinterest board which you can see here.

Porch Chandelier Before Makeover.Use scrub brush and soapy water for clean up.intelligentdomestications.com
Krylon Stone Paint used on porch chandelier.intelligentdomestications.com
Hang the chandelier outside and spray on the paint. Do this same procedure to apply the lacquer after the paint has dried. intelligentdomestications.com
Hampton Bay Solar path Lights

We enjoyed the shopping process while hunting for a chandelier that would suit us. We looked at quite a few in flea markets, thrift stores and the Habitat for Humanity Home Store. We actually purchased an lovely wall sconce at the Habitat for Humanity store which we repurposed into a Tea Cup Sconce Planter for the porch. 

My favorite thrift store was having a sale! Now, if you’re a thriftier, a sale at a thrift store is a big deal! We found ‘the one’ at the sale and I enjoyed ‘dickering’ the price down. I was able to get it for $7 less than asking and paid only $12 for it! Budget friendly is a must for any project! Sorry I forgot to take a picture while the big ugly light covers were still on it. We kept those to repurpose later.

Spray paint the faux oil lamp pieces and allow to dry.intelligentdomestications.com

After removing those ugly light shades, we placed the chandelier onto a couple of saw horses and gave it a good scrubbing. It’s pretty ugly right now. You really do need to have a vision on these type of projects! Stacy removed all of the faux oil lamps and all electric lighting cords to prepare the chandelier for the painting process. This is the paint we selected at Michael’s. Always check with Michaels when  you need spray paint for projects. It’s never, or rarely on sale so you can use their 40% off coupon code!

I wrapped the chain while painting the wood. The chain was later painted to match the faux oil lamps. I applied 2 coats of paint and 2 coats of lacquer to the wood. A coat of fresh paint can make amazing transformations, can’t it?! Stacy gave these faux oil lamps 2 coats of fresh paint. He also covered the wood with paper and painted the chain to match the faux oil lamps.

Reattaching the faux oil lamps after all paint has dried.intelligentdomestications.com

Time to put it all back together! You only need 2 tools for this project: Ratchet or wrench Screwdriver

Solar outdoor chandelier ready to be hung.intelligentdomestications.com

Once he had it all put back together, it was time to attach the lighting features. We selected these, Hampton Bay Solar Path Light 6 pack.  The only part of the solar lights we used was the decorative lighting part. The poles which would normally be stuck into the ground to support the lights, will be repurposed as guides for the water hose in the yard to keep the hose from crushing flowers and shrubs. (my Marigolds will be happy!) Stacy used Gorilla Glue to attach the solar lights into the place where a bulb would normally be. FYI, Gorilla Glue dries white so don’t make a mess!

Pulley system for solar porch chandelier allows lowering when charging is needed.intelligentdomestications.com

The chandelier is complete and ready to hang! The pulley system will allow us to lower the chandelier in the event that the solar panels don’t charge sufficiently. We were concerned about this because the solar panels are on the top of the lights which will be facing the ceiling. Our front porch gets full sun in the afternoons so we thought we would be ok. There may be a need to lower the chandelier in the winter time when the sun doesn’t shine so bright though.

Solar Porch Chandelier makeover project completed and hung on front porch. view from the yard.intelligentdomestications.com

After the Solar Chandelier had been hung for several days, we discovered the panels DO get sufficient sunlight to charge every day. We both love the pulley system with the rope because it adds to the rustic ambience of the chandelier and of course if the need arises, the chandelier can be easily accessed. We both love the way our Solar Chandelier turned out! (a storm blew down those siding pieces and it sticks out like a sore thumb, that is on the porch project to-do list!)

Solar Porch Chandelier Makeover project. Subtle romatic lighting at night.intelligentdomestications.com

It’s a little hard to tell but this is a night time picture with the solar lights on. It really does create a cozy, romantic ambience on the front porch.     We did not keep up with our total costs on this project but I believe I can safely say it is under $50 which is awesome! Now onto the next part of our front porch makeover. I’m learning to sew! I will share my next project with you later this week! Have you done a budget friendly summer project this year?

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. What a wonderful transformation. It’s fabulous when things that might head to the landfill can be revived and made beautiful and useful.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us at Sustainable Sundays! I look forward to seeing what you share with us next week.

  2. How awesome?!? I love this almost as much as the tea cup sconces! I think the rope pulley, while it ended up not being needed per se, is a brilliant idea! I love the vibe and will have to figure out a way to do one of these solar chandeliers myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing with the creative challenge!

  3. What a neat DIY project~ thanks for sharing! I found you at the “So Much at Home” Link up and wanted to invite you to our weekly link up on the Art of Home-Making Mondays too… Hope you can join us 🙂

  4. Wow, I can’t believe that you made this for less than $50. Such a clever idea and so unique.

    Thanks for linking up with the Monday Parenting Pin It Party!

  5. I love to see things redone and spray paint is my BFF! Love what you did with the old chandelier to revive it and make it your own. It’s neat that you used the solar lights – never thought of that one!

    1. Thanks Alli. We are sort of on the warpath around here with the power bill. Really trying to be creative with ways to cut energy cost. Since we already had the Porch makeover project underway, we thought why not make our chandelier into solar instead of with plants hanging from it!

We enjoying hearing from you!