10 Most Popular Recipes and Home Ideas of the Decade

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Our top 10 most popular recipes and home ideas of the decade are from our first six years blogging. Time flies and trends tend to change but one thing remains, we all enjoy good food!

Top 10 Recipes and Home Ideas of the Decade #top10

It isn’t possible to take a look back at my Top 10 Most Popular anything without sharing why I started this blog. Skip it if you really just want to know what is most popular. It’s all juicy stuff, I mean my story and the recipes!


Here is how it all started for me. I am about to share my story of why I started this blog which I have never told publicly.

2013 began on a happy note. Our youngest daughter was married in January at a beautiful antebellum mansion in the deep south. In fact you can take a peep at the pictures from her wedding with any of the links below:


So January started the year off great for us! Our daughter was happily married. I had started a new ‘career’ in my dream job in the fall of 2012.

Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. She lived with us and we very much enjoyed her being there. Mom was a great cook, a strong woman and a loving grand and great grandmother. Her journey with breast cancer was 12 years long. It had been in remission most of those years so when it returned in the spring of 2012 none of us expected it. Although her health was digressing, she was able to attend the wedding of  her youngest granddaughter that January of 2013. Only two very short months later she went to live with Jesus on my Dad’s birthday.

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Losing my Mom was one of the hardest things I had ever experienced in life. My faith in God sustains me during difficult times so I turned to prayer and got up and faced each day. Spring faded into early summer of 2013 and I got an unexpected call one June morning. It was my Uncle’s secretary from another state. My Uncle had been found dead on Monday morning.

Apparently he had passed away while sitting in his recliner watching television over the weekend. He lived alone since my Aunt had passed away several years prior. Their only child died when he was 18 nearly forty years earlier. My Uncle had called me just one month prior to tell me that he made all of his own funeral arrangements. He didn’t want me to worry.

Of course my husband and I got in the car and made the 4 hour trip and spent a weekend with him, visiting and eating out and just talking a lot. He assured us there was nothing new wrong with him but he just didn’t want me to worry about his funeral arrangements. His estate created a rift among greedy relatives but thank goodness he had left a Will! My Aunt and Uncle had left their entire estate to two charities who had been there for them during the times that their son was suffering with Muscular Dystrophy. My husband and I, God and the estate lawyers appointed by the court know the truth which is that I came home after the funeral and didn’t look back. I didn’t ask for, nor want any part of my Uncle’s estate. Nonetheless, family squabbling caused a stink and a split which is never good in families. 


Summer of 2013 I lost my job. Triple whammy in one year! You know how some people quit eating and begin losing weight when they are stressed out? Yeah, I’m not one of those people. I am just the opposite. Let me tell you this, a little bit of sitting on the sofa crying and worrying goes a long way.

By September I’d had enough and made the bold decision to create my own job and started this blog!


It took me 6 years to earn my 4 year degree. I finished college in December of 2008 right after the economy fell and just a few weeks before I turned 50. It took me another four years to find a job in social services and now it was gone. I was just not willing to begin that job hunt again. 

Blogging is not for the faint of heart or someone who is allergic to work. There are many 10, 12 and 15 hour days involved in building a good blog. It’s fun and exhausting all at the same time. It wasn’t my first blog. During that time between 2008 when I finished college and 2012 when I found my dream job, I started a blog about finding a job. Right now I don’t even remember the name of it. The first thing I did in the fall of 2013 was to take a class on blogging which I had found online. Looking back, I had no clue about most of what was covered in that class. The best thing that came from it was being part of a small group of brand new bloggers like myself. We shared our successes and failures together as well as what works and what doesn’t. 


I love blogging and all of the many friends I have made from all over the world since September of 2013. My income is significantly more than it was ever going to be in the social services career I had chosen.  

It is hard work and requires a huge commitment. You have to be familiar with and appreciate the phrase ‘continuous process improvement.’ I love what I do and I have no regrets


It isn’t possible for me to look back on my first decade of blogging without sharing why I started my blog. Those older first posts embarrass me now and I try to go back and update as many as I can when I have time. Time is a valuable asset to bloggers which most often alludes us. In the very beginning, I wasn’t even sure what niche I really wanted to be in or blog about. I have since settled comfortably into my mantra, Frugal Living, Easy Recipes. I call myself a Homemaking blogger because I share all things domestic and isn’t everything domestic anyway?!


Statistics! Google Analytics! It’s magically delicious and allows insight into anything you ever wanted to know about your website traffic and even a whole bunch of stuff you don’t understand. I hated Statistics in college. I am not mathematically minded but I L-O-V-E reading statistics. 

Our 10 Most Popular Recipes and Home Ideas of the Decade

Our most popular recipes and home ideas of the decade. From the inception of this blog in 2013 until the end of 2019, these are our most popular posts! Halloween and Christmas round out the top 10 as well as some delicious home cooking recipes.

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