How I Made A Framed Peg Board

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DIY Framed Peg Board. How to keep your pegboard off the wall. Framed peg board craft room storage

My craft room is in the middle of a much needed makeover with limited surface storage so I decided to make a framed pegboard as a solution.

A peg board is quite handy for storage space in any area of the home.

This project is part of the Craft Room Makeover Challenge I participated in along with a group of talented DIY bloggers. We all needed to start the year off with a well organized craft space so we got to work and allowed ourselves the month of January to get the job done. 

4 Week Craft Room Makeover 

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Week Two: Clearing surfaces and selecting storage containers

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Makeover Reveal with Before and After Photos

Supplies for making a  Framed Peg Board

a large wooden empty picture frame with a wire on back for hanging

I spotted this frame in a thrift store and picked it up for only $1.50. It is a wood frame trimmed in a light paper which is glued on with a gold trim on the inner rim. It has good bones and is sturdy enough for a peg board and even has a nice wire attached on the back for hanging.

painting a picture frame

Painting the frame

I originally gave the frame a coat of the same paint color I used for my porch swing makeover, Pergola from the DecoArt Americana collection. Then I decided I preferred black so I spray painted over the Pergola.

Because I have two colors of paint on the frame,  I could do a little light sanding to give it a distressed look for character if I want to.

DIY Framed Peg Board. How to keep your pegboard off the wall. Framed peg board craft room storage

Cutting the pegboard

My peg board came from Lowe’s. It comes in large sizes which you can then cut down to suit your purpose. My hubby measured the inside of our frame and cut the pegboard to fit. 

He used a straight edge and ruler to mark the measurements onto the peg board then cut with an electric saw. Measure twice, cut once is the best rule of thumb.

Glue the pegboard to the frame

Notice the black arrows pointing towards the edges of the frame. This is where the E6000 glue goes.

Just squeeze a bead of glue along that edge and press the cut peg board onto it. Place a couple of heavy objects on top and allow ample drying time.

DIY Framed Peg Board. How to keep your pegboard off the wall. Framed peg board craft room storage

How To Keep A Framed Peg Board From Scratching The Wall

This is where the sponges come in. 

Simply take one rectangular sponge and cut each corner triangular as shown. Use E6000 to attach the sponge pieces to each of the four corners of the frame. Allow ample drying time. Now your framed peg board won’t sit flush against the wall.

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One of my favorite organization tools in my craft room is this Two Tier Spinning Tray. I made it with thrifted pieces and a spinner thingy. It sits to the right of my work space and I use it all of the time.

a framed pegboard with craft supplies hanging on it




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  1. It’s very helpful for crafting and DIY work.
    “How To Keep A Framed Peg Board From Scratching The Wall” I was looking for this part but also I got more tips. Thank you…

  2. Hi! Shirley. I really enjoyed this tutorial. I was wondering if you could tell me about how much time did you invest in making this project? I am looking for something that can be done in 2 hours or less.

  3. I love pegboard for organizing. This is just perfect with the frame and it holds all of the important tools. Picture frames from the thrift store are very abundant but sometimes it is hard to find a nice one. You did a great job.

  4. I love everything about this idea! I have a thrifted large poster board size frame that this would be perfect for. So clever! I’ve got tons of paint brushes and other things that I need access too that could just hang right where I want them. Pinned because I’m definitely making one of these now 🙂

  5. This is a neat (no pun intended) idea for organizing your craft room! Never thought to use a picture frame to house a pegboard. So many design possibilities! And adding sponges to the back is a very creative idea that can be used in so many types of wall hangings!

  6. That’s a neat pegboard! Useful and functional always gets my attention! I appreciate the step-by-step tutorial too b/c I’ve never done one of these before. The sponges are a clever idea too.

  7. I love this peg board storage, it’s perfect for craft supplies. Great idea to put sponges on the back. Looking forward to the craft room makeovers.

  8. I’ve been planning some peg board for my office/craft room makeover but knowing the hubby would think it’s for the garage I’m sure I can sell him on it if it’s inside a pretty frame. I love that you also included a box and some jars in yours. And how smart to clip your glue and hang it too. I’ve been trying to figure out how to best store them (winner!)

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