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Red & Gold Christmas Tablescape

Our Red and Gold Christmas Tablescape this year is a bit eclectic with a mix of old, new and classic touches.


As a child, we decorated our Christmas tree every year with beautiful shiny glass ball ornaments. We had red, green, gold and silver and they all went on the tree every year. Sometime in maybe the 1970’s that trend begin to change in our home. In more recent years those Christmas balls have reappeared in my own home. Christmas tends to bring out our sentimental side and those glass Christmas balls remind me of sweet memories. This year, I’ve decided to use them in my dining room.


Our Red and Gold Christmas Tablescape is composed of old, new and vintage treasures. It was fun playing with my treasures to create the look.

Our dining table is a glass top and I just love that about it. Creating layers adds to the look so I begin with an ivory fabric tablecloth underneath the glass. Then I added this beautiful holiday print table runner from Oriental Trading. The table runner was my inspiration piece with the red and gold colors and the ivory background.

Each place setting has a little Round Gift Tin from Oriental Trading tied with jute and holding a secret.


Window clings and rustic wooden candy canes both from Oriental Trading add a pop of whimsy. Doesn’t the Christmas season require some whimsy? The snowflakes are placed around each place setting.

The poinsettia glasses are vintage and one of my thrift shopping finds. I have a thing for footed glass and crystal bowls. Actually, I have a thing for crystal in general but I love cut glass of any kind. The bowl on the left is depression glass which I found while antique shopping. I gifted the one on the far right to my Mom many years ago and she used to sit in on her table with treats for the great grandchildren. My sweet hubby gifted me with the footed crystal bowl in the middle. He knows me well.


A Christmas tablescape wouldn’t be complete without a couple of candles. These DIY Glass Snow Globe Candle Holders are super easy to put together and add a little magical touch to the the decor.

How To Make A Christmas Scene Glass Snow Globe

  • Long stem glass such as a wine glass
  • A few mini character pieces (these can come from Christmas village accessories)
  • A tiny amount of fake snow
  • Foil cupcake holders
  • Votive candles

I pulled a few little accessory pieces from our Christmas village to create a Christmas scene. The scene above is a shopper loaded with packages in front of a snow covered tree with a pair of rabbits looking on.

Below we have Bob Cratchit carrying Tiny Tim on his shoulder next to a lamp post and a snow covered tree.


Select the location for your snow globes and place the cotton or fake snow along with your accessory pieces very close together. It only takes a tiny bit of snow. Place the glass over your scene. You may have to lift the glass slightly and gently tuck in your snow.

Place one cupcake holder upside down on the top of the candle holder and gently spread it out evenly so it covers the top with the pleats creating a ‘shade’ for your candle holder.. Now crimp the edges of another foil cupcake holder then place the candle in it and position it on top. 



It was such fun gathering all of my treasures old and new to create our Red and Gold Christmas Tablescape. I’m sure our dinner guests will enjoy the festive atmosphere too.

Head on over to Oriental Trading and place your Christmas order now. Create your own memorable holiday decor. 


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  1. I love how you used the cupcake holders to add an extra layer of magic to your snowglobes! I love everything about your tabletop decor. It looks so festive, warm, cozy and inviting. It’s beautiful!

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