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Decorated Snowman Christmas Tree

A snowman theme Christmas tree decorated with a variety of Snowman theme ornaments creates a festive and warm holiday feeling.

Snowman decorated Christmas tree

My Snowman theme Christmas tree was oh such fun to decorate in my dining room. The tree is a flocked 5-foot pencil tree.

This tree was in a corner of my breakfast nook the previous holiday season decorated in red from top to bottom. This year I decided to place this small Christmas tree in my dining room. I wanted to use a snowman theme to decorate the tree.

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snowman ornaments on a small Christmas tree
Snowman ornaments

I have accumulated quite a few snowman ornaments through the years and thought that now is the perfect time to use snowman decorations for the Christmas tree.

grapevine snowman ornament
Grapevine Snowman Ornament

I found these adorable grapevine snowman ornaments at Big Lots. They are a bit larger which is perfect because we want ornaments of all sizes on the Christmas tree.

snowman picks on the Christmas tree
Snowman picks on the tree

I had a lot of fun shopping for snowman ornaments to go with what I already had. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Big Lots, and Walmart all had some fun snowman ornaments to choose from.

snowman hat Christmas ornament on a tree
Snowman hat ornament

These cute little Snowman hat ornaments clip on rather than hang. They are quite small making them perfect for the edges of tree branches or the top part of the tree. I found these at Walmart.

Snowman ball ornament on the tree
Snowman ball ornament

Ball ornaments are an old-fashioned tradition on the Christmas tree and I love them. Don’t you?

I fell in love with these ball ornaments hiding a snowman inside. The lights on the tree glow nicely on the glistening snow of the ornament.

Snowman ornaments

I like to hang ornaments on the edges of the Christmas tree branches and also tucked slightly into the tree to create depth in the decorations. It gives the tree a more finished look.

white poinsettia ornament on a Christmas tree
White poinsettia ornament

These gorgeous white poinsettias were first used on my Silver and Gold Christmas tree several years ago. I packed them away carefully and love how nice they look on the Snowman tree too.

Snowman ornaments

Here is a good cheap ornament tip for you

Use Gift Tags as ornaments

Many of the cardboard paper snowmen on this tree are actually very pretty gift tags I found at places like The Home Goods store.

There are a few Dollar Tree snowman stuffed toys tucked into the tree. Our Golden Doodle thought they were for him so I had to make some adjustments so that he couldn’t reach them. He loves stuffed toys.

Snowman Tree Topper

The Snowman Christmas Tree is topped with snowy branches from my ornament collection. I do own a Snowman Top Hat which we used on Elf-Themed Christmas Tree in the living room. But that hat is too big for this small Christmas tree. Plus I love the look of the snowy branches on the flocked Christmas tree.

Decorated Snowman Christmas tree

Our littlest grandson was only one year old when I decorated this snowman themed Christmas tree. It was my intention to impress a one-year-old with snowman ornaments. It worked. He loved the tree.

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