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Candy Cane Themed Christmas Tree

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My festive Candy Cane Themed Christmas Tree is decorated with lots of red and white ornaments that are complemented with traditional green to balance the colors.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree and mantle decorations

My Candy Cane Christmas Tree has quite a few Elves peeking out. Elves love candy canes, you know. That is a well-known fact.

I transitioned my whimsical elf tree decorations into a candy cane theme Christmas tree with a few changes and additions.

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The Christmas Mantle

I decorated the mantle to match the tree. Our deep mantle from the early 2000s was always a problem to decorate. This spring, we had it made over to be a solid wall. No more giant hole.

Candy cane Christmas village mantle decorations
Deep mantle decorated for Christmas to match the Candy Cane Tree

I filled the deep hole on the mantle with three tabletop mini trees covered in lights. Then I placed a few Christmas village houses underneath with a cotton blanket of snow. Finally, I used a lighted garland on the mantle with a few of the red and white candy cane decorations to match the tree and candy cane ribbon.

How tall is the tree?

Our Christmas tree is a 9 1/2 foot artificial tree that we have been using for a few years now. The 12-foot ceilings in our living room mean we need a large tree.

We used a 10-foot real tree our first year in this home and I said, never again! It was a beast to decorate and clean up behind. See that tree here.

Ornaments on the Candy Cane themed Christmas tree

Lots of red and white ornaments will create quite the whimsical and festive spirit you hope to gain with a Candy Cane theme Christmas tree.

The fun part is the multitude of different ornament types you can mix and match on any Christmas tree.

Sorting ornaments for a large Christmas tree

When decorating a large Christmas tree with a theme in mind, it is best to sort your ornaments first.

I store my Christmas ornaments in see-through bins sorted by color. It was no trouble for me to only pull out only the bins with red, white, and green ornaments for this tree.

Then I set up a table in the living room near the tree where I can place the bins so we have easy access once decorating begins.

Large decorations on a candy cane theme Christmas tree
Fun candy cane poinsettias on a Candy Cane theme Christmas tree

Large Christmas trees mean you get to use large oversized ornaments. I love using pretty poinsettias on all of my Christmas trees and have collected a few different types through the years.

Candy Cane poinsettias were perfect for this tree. Notice in the bottom left of the above photo that there is also a green oversize poinsettia with red berries in the center.

White dove and nutcracker dressed in white on the Candy cane tree
White Dove and a Nutcracker dressed in white

White ornaments are a good idea to use as well. They will add dimension to the tree just as the green ornaments will.

I have plenty of white ornaments and accumulated many of them for my Blue and White Christmas tree several years ago. That is one of the great things about Christmas ornaments, you accumulate them over the years so it’s not a big expense at one time.

Vacation ornament on the candy cane tree

Do you buy Christmas ornaments while on vacation? We do. We usually buy several extra to give our two daughters as gifts also.

This candy cane cookie ornament came from a Christmas store in Pigeon Forge, Tn. We will probably always remember that and reflect on it when we hang it on the tree. That is the fun of buying Christmas ornaments on vacation.

Santa ornament and a candy cane on the candy cane tree
Santa ornament and a candy cane

We did hang real candy canes on our Candy Cane theme Christmas tree. We encourage young children to take one when they come to visit.

decorations on a candy cane theme Christmas tree

If there are any candy canes left over after Christmas, we use them to stir our hot chocolate during the winter.

Santa ornament and red and silver garland on the Candy cane tree

I found the really pretty sparkly red and white cotton ball garland online and thought it was perfect instead of ribbon for this tree. The silver sparkles add a nice holiday spirit.

Red and white elf climbing a red ladder on the Candy cane tree

Adding elf ornaments to a Christmas tree is so much fun. I found this adorable thing at Walmart. He’s the perfect fit for climbing the ladder on the side of the tree.

Shop early in the season for ornaments because once they disappear from the stores, they do not restock.

Santa legs on the Candy cane tree
Santa legs diving into the Christmas tree

Don’t you just love the Santa legs diving into the tree? I added several on opposite sides of the tree. Those bright red colors are perfect for my color scheme.

Polka dots and stripe ornaments on the candy cane tree
Polka dot and plaid ornaments

Oh, what fun to include polka dot and plaid decorations on almost any whimsical Christmas tree.

The only ribbon on the tree is a few little shabby bows I made for the Elf Tree and incorporated them into the Candy Cane tree as well.

The red felt poinsettia ornament in the bottom right of the photo above is an easy ornament craft. It’s a great craft idea using common craft supplies. See the simple steps to make your own felt Poinsettia ornament.

painted white ball ornament
Glass ball ornaments on a Christmas tree

I cannot imagine decorating a Christmas tree with glass ball ornaments. Some of them are not actually made of glass but they are still traditional ball ornaments.

Naughty or Nice sign on the Candy cane tree
Naughty or Nice sign on a Christmas tree

The Naughty or Nice sign made its first appearance on our Elf Themed Christmas tree. We love it so I decided to add it to the Candy Cane themed tree also.

Notice the red ball with white polka dots ornament near the top of the photo above. I bought the red ornaments at Dollar Tree and painted the white polka dots onto them myself.

Grinch ornaments on the candy cane tree
Handpainted Grinch ball ornament on the Christmas tree

My husband and I made the Grinch face ornaments. They simply must go on the tree. I painted the inside and he did the Grinch face.

We made extra to give as gifts to our daughters.

a mixture of polka dots, stripes, swirls and solids

A mixture of ornaments in various patterns of red, white, and green all come together to make a festive and fun Christmas tree.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. It adds to the whimsy.

Red and White Candy Cane theme Christmas tree with elves
Candy Cane Themed Christmas tree

The tree topper this year is a Candy Canes sign I found at a craft supplies shop online. The top of the tree is decorated with both the smallest ornaments and the largest pick ornaments poking out skyward.

2021 Candy Cane Christmas Tree. Wood family
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