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Festive Red And Gold Christmas Tree Decorations

This year I decided to go with Festive Red and Gold Christmas Tree Decorations for the upstairs tree in the bonus room.

I love to add a decorated Christmas tree to the bonus room. It’s a hang-out place when the house is full so I want to always create a festive atmosphere during the holiday season.

Gold and Red Christmas Tree Bulbs

It took me days to finally settle on decorating this tree in Red and Gold for Christmas this year. I don’t usually decorate my Christmas trees the same every year.

Before I share how I settled on Red and Gold for the Christmas tree this year, take a look at this same tree from the last two years.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon and Bows. Red and Gold Christmas Tree decor using ribbons, bows and gold balls #Christmastree
Traditional Christmas tree decorated in Red and Gold ribbons and bows

Last year I decorated this same artificial tree heavily with red and gold ribbons and bows.(see above) I love all of the long tails of the ribbon draped around the tree.

Blue and White ribbons on a Christmas tree

During our first year in this home, I decorated the upstairs tree in blue and silver. (see above) It turned out quite beautiful and has been shared over 15k times.

Red Chevron Burlap Ribbon adds a nice rustic touch to the traditional red and gold Christmas balls on the tree.

Traditional Red and Gold ornaments decorated Christmas Tree. I decided to make life simple to remind me of Christmas past when we only used glass balls to decorate our Christmas Tree.

You can find lots of beautiful Christmas balls at Big Lots. I have accumulated ornaments in various colors through the years and many of them came from Big Lots at very reasonable prices.

Angel Tree Topper

My angel tree topper was a happy find. It took me several years of searching for the perfect Angel tree topper that brought to life the childhood memories in my mind.

There are many Christmas tree toppers to choose from these days but not many are angels and they are far too expensive for the most part.

Amazingly, we found this one at a yard sale for $1! What a hoot that she checked all my boxes. She is perfect to top my Christmas tree decorated in red and gold. Her porcelain head makes her a little top-heavy but positioned just right, she stays in place.

red and gold decorated Christmas tree

Some of the Christmas balls on the tree are glass but most of them are plastic. They remind me of childhood Christmas trees when all of the balls on the tree were made of glass and they were just beautiful.

It is fun to give a nod to the vintage looks and style of Christmas trees I grew up with.

Our grandchildren and family will feel the Christmas spirit in the bonus room with such a festive decorated Christmas tree in the corner this year.

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  1. Your red and gold tree is beautiful and stunning. The colors complement each other so nicely and the angel is just the right touch. I agree that angels are getting hard to come by, but what a great find at a garage sale.

  2. Shirley, red and gold is so eye catching! It speaks to me of traditional well-loved trees from my past. Love it!
    And let me take this time to thank you for putting this blog hop together. It’s my first hop and I learned a lot and had so much fun making my projects and meeting all the other bloggers! Thank you and Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. Red is my favorite color and so I’m swooning over your beautiful tree, Shirley! Love that chevron ribbon too. A great big HUG to you for organizing this annual event – I can’t believe how quickly it flew by. So much fun and love how we’re ending it with Christmas Trees. Wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas! xo

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