8 Clever Ideas To Upcycle Popcorn Tins

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Popcorn tins which have been made into other things. Uses for old popcorn tins

Looking for uses for old popcorn tins? Do you have a half eaten popcorn tin remaining from the holiday season? Don’t you just hate to throw them away. They seem so useful. Here are 8 Clever Ideas to Upcycle Popcorn Tins!

Confession time. I once used a holiday popcorn tin to store magazines and then forgot about it and found them years later! Let’s not let that happen to you! Those popcorn tins are well made and a perfect item to repurpose or upcycle into something useful!

Using popcorn tins for trash bins is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind but we have found a few more clever ways to upcycle them.

Popcorn Tin made into a lamp shade

From An Old Popcorn Tin To A Lampshade

Make a lampshade! Love this idea, it’s so creative. Paint, fabric, pin holes, Mod Podge design to match your room, there are so many possibilities!  Lampshade from Bright Green Door

More Common Household Items Repurposed Into Something Useful

Got big cats? You need an oversized litter box like I did. See what I used to solve the problem at my house. Ready in minutes!

We needed a tall side table to go next to our sofa with high sides. This is how we repurposed a thrift store bar stool into a side table which we are still using.

Need storage space on a counter top? I made this Two Tier Spinning Tray to use in my craft room. It would work in the kitchen too. It spins! 

This was a fun project and no doubt one of the most useful tools in my sewing space. You won’t even believe what it’s made with either. Cost=nothing. Two Tier Pin Cushion.

A couple of Dollar store trash cans can easily become an outdoor side table for the porch. This idea is super popular among my DIY readers. Total cost=$3!

a popcorn tin covered with rope to become a storage container

Storage Container

Sisal rope is such a versatile design medium. I especially like the handles added to this storage bin from  Homemade In The Heartland

Popcorn Tin ottoman. 8 Clever Ways to Upcycle Popcorn Tins. Don't toss that Popcorn tin from Christmas. Make something fun with it! #upcycle #popcorntin

Make A Popcorn Tin Ottoman 

This Popcorn Tin Ottoman by New Life New Purpose provides a little extra storage too! You may be surprised to see what she is storing in there.

A popcorn tin made into a chalk board container

A Popcorn Tin Becomes A Canister

Our love affair with chalk paint continues with this Chalkboard Kitchen Canister from Knick of Time

Popcorn Tins repurposed into dog food containers.

Pet Food Canister

Repurpose your popcorn tins into pet food containers! The design ideas are limited only by your imagination. Great for a bird food container too! Add a drawer pull to the top for decoration.

Dog Food Container by The 2 Seasons

Chalkboard Dog Food Container with scoop attached by Redefined MomI really like this idea because you can leave notes for your pet sitter when you go on vacation!

Popcorn tin made into a Birthday Time Capsule

Birthday Time Capsule

Birthdays just got much more interesting with this Time Capsule by 3 Boys and a Camera. This would also be fun for a kindergarten or first grade class to do.

8 Clever Ways to Upcycle Popcorn Tins. Don't toss that Popcorn tin from Christmas. Make something fun with it! #upcycle #popcorntin

Zebra Print Trash Bin

This Zebra Trash Can from The Ornament Girl is only one of the multitude of design ideas you could use to make your own popcorn tin trash can. Love that zebra print!


How To Make A Storage Rack Using Popcorn tins. 8 Clever Ways to Upcycle Popcorn Tins. Don't toss that Popcorn tin from Christmas. Make something fun with it! #upcycle #popcorntin

Toy Storage

Thanks to Hammers and High Heels for this idea to group matching tins together for storage. A great idea for the garage too. This would be helpful right by the back door in the garage! One for each member of the family.

I could see using this in the playroom too!

But Wait! There are even more ideas to upcycle popcorn tins:

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8 Clever Ways to Upcycle Popcorn Tins. Don't toss that Popcorn tin from Christmas. Make something fun with it! #upcycle #popcorntin

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  1. I really like these ideas! My favorite is the….ok I don’t have one favorite one of these, they’re really great ideas!

    Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty!

  2. These are great ideas! We always get a popcorn tin around the holidays and never know what to do with it afterward. I especially love the time capsule idea. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday.

  3. Wow these are all great ideas, I love them all. The pink, blue, and green storage bins are adorable, and I could use a container to store the kitty food in, and a foot stool to rest my tired achy feet when I get home from work. Pinning!

  4. Oh these look fabulous I love them all although I think the ottoman is my favourite. Thanks for sharing with us at #OvertheMoon linkup and see you next week for more great ideas.

  5. Such clever ideas! They are all so cute and I really like the storage buckets all grouped together. Thanks so much for sharing.


  6. I really like the ottoman too! I have 2 popcorn tins, trying to decide how I want to upcycle them. I really like the lamp shade idea, not fond of the gold but the design options are endless.

  7. Ha ha, I have one sitting in the pantry and thought I would repurpose it for the kids. That ottoman one sure is something. Such clever ideas. I would never have thought to do something like these.Love them.

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