How To Make An Oversize Cat Litter Box

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Heblee and Hoblee napping

Let’s just face it, oversize cats call for an Oversize Cat Litter Box! Are you having problems with your cat not always making it to the litter box?

We shared these 9 Reasons Cats Stop Using Their Litter Box after we had that problem.

They are just so sweet when they are sleeping. Meet Heblee and Hoblee our sweet feline fur babies. They are brothers from birth and best friends for life. Thankfully, they don’t do everything together. Hoblee got bigger and developed a need for a larger litter box!

DIY Oversized Cat Litter

This will likely be the easiest DIY project you do this year! I’m sharing what we did because it worked for us to solve the problem. As parents of fur babies we want to share tips and tricks that worked for us.

Hooblee watching basketball on tv

Heblee shares his Daddy’s love for basketball. Apparently he may need glasses though.

Heblee in the trash can

Heblee wanted to help me during a marathon office cleaning session by packing the trash down. Cats are so entertaining!

Storage bin

How to make an oversized cat litter box

  1. Purchase a very large plastic storage container. Be sure to get one larger than your cat. One of the nine reasons cats stop using their litter box is because they become too large to turn around and scratch to cover their business. That makes good sense, doesn’t it.

2. Use a sharp knife to cut an entry/exit hole. Take care not to cut the hole too close to the bottom. You don’t want the litter to spill out. 

3. Fill with litter and you are done. They will get right in there and christen it immediately.

Don’t fill the litter too deeply. See the 9 Reasons for more about litter depth. 


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9 Reasons Cats Stop Using Their Litter Box

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  1. This is such a clever cat litter box and I made it my choice for a featured blog post at the Over the Moon Link Party #7 starting this Sunday evening at 6 PM ET. Congrats and thanks for sharing it!

  2. I’ve never thought about making a litter box – makes sense – and is just the thing for a large cat. Love the photo of your cat watching the basketball game – up close and personal. Have a great Friday and a fab weekend, Shirley!

  3. I’ve been using a large plastic tote just like yours for a few years now. I don’t need to have it covered, so I just fill it with litter and our two cats jump in and out. It works well for them!

  4. We made our own too! The big difference is that we chose to make the opening on top, that way when the kitties climb out the litter will stay on top and not on the floor. I love it and my kitties do too!

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